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Choosing Self-Management over Time Management

Addyson McCullough, Assignment & Features Editor June 1, 2023

Time management. The infamous phrase we are all too familiar with. We hear variations starting in elementary school. “Your teachers in middle school won’t hold your hand! You have to learn how to...

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Advantages of Taking Summer Classes

Cristina Pop, Assistant Opinion Editor May 26, 2023

As the summer sun beckons, FGCU becomes a world of opportunity for students looking forward to getting ahead, taking smaller-sized classes or simply having a more relaxed school schedule. No matter the...

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10 Local Fun Spots in Southwest Florida

Veronica Amador, Staff Writer May 16, 2023

Summer season is approaching fast and Southwest Florida has a few fun places and activities you can do this summer. If you decide to stay, I recommend these places if you're looking to have some fun this...

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Speaking Up and Protecting Student Survivors

Emma Diehl, Contributing Writer May 12, 2023

“He is innocent until proven guilty, but I am a liar until proven truthful.” “My clothes do not determine my consent.” “Today my professor told me every cell in our body is destroyed and replaced...

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Do Graduates Feel Career Ready?

Gracie Burgess, Staff Writer May 10, 2023

“Do graduates feel career ready?” I believe that this is a question that many seniors and soon-to-be graduates across campus dread. It can be difficult to find a career in the current market we are...

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How to Deal with Burnout

Cristina Pop, Assistant Opinion Editor May 10, 2023

As students, we have all experienced burnout in one capacity or another. Whether from work, exams, or attempting a school-life balance, burnout is inevitable when we go at too high of a pace for too long. What...

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Liberty for All

Cristina Pop, Assistant Opinion Editor May 9, 2023

Governor Ron DeSantis recently proposed Florida House Bill 999. The language of the bill pertains to postsecondary education and questions the educational value and validity of courses “based on unproven,...

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Be Aware of Your Stress

Delinah Rosario, Opinion Editor April 24, 2023

Stress is a normal feeling, especially as a full-time college student. As someone with four or five classes and two or three jobs, you are bound to get overwhelmed. No one can blame you. Everyone handles...

A Small School Yields Limited Opportunities

A Small School Yields Limited Opportunities

Delinah Rosario, Opinion Editor April 17, 2023

Now one of the main reasons I came to FGCU is because of how close-knit everything seemed. It wasn’t a super large campus, it was close to home and they had some really strong programs. Not to mention...

Rent is Too Damn High

Rent is Too Damn High

Tim Belizaire, Staff Writer April 14, 2023

Rent is too damn high. It’s affecting almost everyone in this country, including students at FGCU. Almost 20 years ago, Jimmy McMillan founded the Rent is Too Damn High Party. McMillan has had little...

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The Future of Creative Careers is at Stake

Jusolyn Flower, Staff Writer April 12, 2023

With the increasing integration of advanced technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is at our fingertips, posing a potential threat to people in creative professions. AI was introduced to complete...

Save the Bank, Dont Break the Bank

Save the Bank, Don’t Break the Bank

Gracie Burgess, Staff Writer April 11, 2023

For many students, budgeting is one of the hardest tasks to learn when entering college. Some students have some background in budgeting, but since many schools don’t teach budgeting skills in high school,...

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