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What to expect in the 2015 gaming world

Dying Light






Dying Light 

Survival-horror is an immensely popular and growing genre in the video gaming world this year – “Dying Light” is no exception. Jumping on the bandwagon, this first-person game is set in an open world plagued with masses of infected and mindless enemies. By day, these enemies are weak and easy to overcome. But at night, start counting lucky stars because the inhuman foes not only grow in strength, but aggression and evolution as well. Survive the night by scavenging, crafting and avoiding with “Parkour-style movement.” The game will also feature a multiplayer and four-player co-op. Expect it in stores and digitally on Jan. 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse







Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

On the lighter side of gaming this year, Nintendo will be releasing yet another Kirby title as a Wii U exclusive. Similar to other announced titles, “Kirby and the Rainbow Curse” will seem to follow the same materialistic platforming experience, as players will control an ever-spinning Kirby in a hand-sculpted world. By using touch on the game pad, players will guide this reimagined Kirby through many vibrant worlds. Look for it on Feb. 13.









This Xbox One exclusive comes from the creators of the ever-famous arcade title for the Xbox 360, “Limbo.” “Inside” will feature the same ominous tone as its dark cousin; players will take the place of a person with free-will in an increasingly bleak world that is filled with zombies, vicious mermaids and more. The goal is to keep from being discovered by these mindless enemies while searching for someone of great importance. “Inside” will hit the digital market for Xbox One on March 31, joining the ranks of the growing survival-horror indie genre.


The Witcher







The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

“The White Wolf,” Geralt of Rivera is making his grand return in this new geneneration exclusive open-world RPG. Follow the fabled Witcher on his quest to find the one whom the Wild Hunt stalks so she may be given what she deserves. Featuring an entirely reimagined world, enemies, and combat system, “Wild Hunt” is certainly a game not to be missed by any lover of story driven games and the fantasy genre. Look for it on its new release date for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on May 19.

let it die







Let it Die

Revealed at E3 2014, “Let it Die,” formally known as “Lily Bergamo,” is the newest twisted creation by Japanese producer Suda51 and developer Grasshopper Manufacture. Not much is known about this PS4 exclusive, including its final release date. Rumors say that the original plot is focused on a female protagonist, Tae Ioroi, and is set in a world based on both Eastern and Western cultures in the year 2043. It will also feature online play and a companion app for smartphones. But one thing is for sure – if this is to be like any game produced by Suda51, it’s sure to be a deeply gory, comedic and controversially hack and slash to spoil any gamer’s sick desires.









Kingdom Hearts III

It was recently leaked by Goofy’s voice actor, Bill Farmer, via Twitter that “Kingdom Hearts III” may actually be coming this year. “…We have been recording on it for the past few years. It is supposed to come out later this year.” The last that was revealed on this Disney/Final Fantasy crossover title was in October 2013 with the very first look at the dynamic combat system. Will Sora, Donald, and Goofy finally return? For now, keep the keyblades stored; Square Enix is currently trying to cover its tracks, but with a JRPG that’s so close to gamers’ hearts, more information is bound to be released soon.

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