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Instagram announces new video count feature

Instead of the amount of friends someone has, “likes” have now replaced the age-old teller of popularity.

Both Facebook and Instagram are among the many social media platforms that use this method of post appreciation as a way to get users to interact with one another on a daily basis. Now, Instagram has announced that it will be adding the “view counter” alongside the traditional likes.

On IG’s “Instagram for Business” blog, it announced that within the next few weeks, users should expect to see the new view count underneath each video post. Tapping on the views will allow users to see the likes that will still be available.

Based on a Facebook study with Nielson, IG found that “47 percent of the value in a video campaign was delivered in the first three seconds … 74 percent of the value was delivered in the first ten.”

From this data, IG has increased the video time limit from 30 seconds to a full minute for brands and advertising. Its hopes are that companies can take this time increase and new view counter to collect more informative and relevant data and produce audience-grabbing ads.

What IG defines as a view is not universal throughout all of social media. Stemming from parent platform Facebook, IG will adopt the three-second standard of viewing. However, Snapchat and Vine have defined its views as one millisecond and one loop, respectively. YouTube is on the opposite side of the playing field, with its goals invested in holding subscribers for a longer period and inserting mid-video commercial breaks into its videos.

From internal data, IG’s video views have shot up more than 40 percent in the last six months alone. The time that people spend watching videos has increased, and it may be attributed to the update of the Search & Explore page. With the “reimagined” page, viewers can see trending topics as they appear in real-time, including popular events and places.

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