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Naples Art Association seeks volunteers for Art in the Park

Naples Art Association seeks volunteers for Art in the Park
Volunteer Peter Franklin speaking to show attendees. As a volunteer for one of the outdoor art festivals, you get the opportunity to meet many new people in the community. (EN Photo / Jaynie Tice)

College students all have at least one thing in common: the need for service learning hours. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, you most likely have heard about the Food Forest, or the hours you get from taking colloquium, but how many hours can you do here at FGCU before you want to try something a little farther from campus?

Naples art association

Volunteer Ann Hocking with staff Rosanna Coscia working the reception area at the Naples Art Association. As a receptionist, you get to interact with members of the NAA as well as guests. ( EN Photo / Jaynie Tice)

“I volunteer because I believe in the importance of the Naples Art Association’s educational programs for children and adults” Terry Moore, an NAA volunteer, said, “as well as its efforts to promote and enhance valuing and appreciating visual arts in the community.”

The Naples Art Association (NAA), which is over 60 years old, hosts multiple events including, but not limited to, Dinner with Artists, Art in the Park, The Naples National Art Festival as well as exhibits at its gallery, formerly known as the Von Liebig Art Center.

With all of the events that are put on by the NAA, it takes a strong team of volunteers to keep the ball rolling. For that reason, the NAA is reaching out to the Eagles for volunteers. Several opportunities are available at the NAA including working the different festivals–three of which were recently ranked in the top five on Sunshine Artist magazine’s list of The 200 Best Shows in the Art and Craft Festival in the U.S.

“Having the opportunity to contribute to the community in a way that promotes both art and artists is very satisfying for me,” Dianna Rehla, another NAA volunteer, said.

The next upcoming festival is this Art in the Park on Dec. 3 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Cambier Park in Naples. The NAA festivals provide local artist a chance to show their work while allowing everyone else to bask in the talent. Volunteering positions at these festivals include booth-sitters, gate keepers and other assorted roles. Though, you don’t have to attend an outdoor festival to give back.

“I see and offer beautiful creative pieces through volunteering at the gift shop and I extend any needed support to the Naples Art Association,” Rehla continues, “My volunteering allows them to focus their attention on the programs of the NA.”

Volunteer opportunities are also available in the gift shop and working in the reception area. As a volunteer at the front desk – reception area – you would be responsible for answering phones, greeting guests and becoming a part of the NAA family.

“I get great joy in meeting and assisting our visitors,” Rehla said.

For more information about the volunteer opportunities available at the NAA, contact Amy Kessler at or 239-262-6517 extension 105.

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    I urge anybody that needs hours and/or care about the local arts to go see Amy Kessler. I am actually the person in the Old Navy sweater in the top picture. An FGCU student and NAA volunteer. They have festivals coming up and openings every couple months that they needs help with and thats just the tip of the iceberg there are many opportunities to put in hours and have them also be enjoyable and rewarding.

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