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Racial slur written on whiteboard in Seidler Hall

Racial slur written on whiteboard in Seidler Hall
EN Photo / Jack Lowenstein

UPDATE: (Oct. 26, 1:19 p.m.) President Wilson Bradshaw released a statement Wednesday, Oct. 26 to students, faculty and staff referring to the “disturbing occurrence” that occurred on campus Oct. 12. To read the letter, click here.

Two weeks ago, a racial slur and graphic image were drawn on a whiteboard in Seidler Hall at FGCU.

The words “KILL (N-word)” were written on the board with a graphic drawing of a stick figure hanging from a tree.

Racial slur

Photo courtesy of FGCU UPD

According to the incident report, the drawing was found on Oct. 12 by Professor Sharon Isern.

The person who wrote the offensive language has not been identified.

Chief Steven Moore of UPD stated that there is no investigation underway and UPD does not consider this a hate crime.

“There is no active criminal investigation as no crime occur[sic],” Moore said. “This was on a white board with the proper type of pens so easily erased, therefore, no vandalism. As there is no crime, there is no hate crime.”

Susan Evans, official spokesperson of FGCU released a statement.

“The identification of the person responsible for the graffiti is unknown,” Evans said. “While occurrences such as this are very rare at FGCU, we strongly condemn this hateful expression which is contrary to the civil and mutually respectful culture of our campus community.”

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