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Veganism is a simple solution to many problems

By Ariana Leblanc Bessette

Contributing Writer

Veganism is a diet which excludes all animal products, and there is a lot controversy on whether or not the vegan diet it the way to go.

Many people claim that they cannot give up eating meats or dairy. Others simply cannot stick to the vegan diet and end up finding themselves cheating. “I’m not vegan because I’m afraid of commitment,” freshman Ashton Jenkins said. Personally, I do not follow the vegan diet, but I don’t eat much meat or seafood. Although growing up with a mother who was a vegetarian and a registered dietitian, my choice of what to eat has been heavily influenced.

When looking at the bigger picture, the vegan diet is a very nutritious way of living. Taking out all food made with animal products leaves meals low in saturated fats and rich in nutrients. Following this diet helps to prevent many diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. It has been proven that vegetarians and vegans have a lower risk of developing all types of cancers, and the vegan diet decreases heart disease by nearly 50 percent, according to the American Heart Association. “I think it’s the healthiest to eat all types of foods in moderation,” freshman Grace Hoffman said.

As many of us may know, animal testing and cruelty is common when making numerous products, from makeup to fur coats. Throughout these processes, much of the time the animals used must be kept in captivity while undergoing chemical fumes, being burned on their fur and skin, having holes drilled into their bodies and other cruel practices. While you may be thinking that this inhumanity is limited to animals used for goods, the situation isn’t much better when the animals are slaughtered for human consumption. Animals have close to the same feeling of pain as humans do. The difference is, they cannot use words to communicate and express their pain. Baby animals are often taken away from their mothers. You may think it’s okay to slaughter pigs and cows, but what if your pet dog or cat was taken from you to be killed, processed and sold for someone to eat? Pets are considered family to many people; a calf taken from its mother was also part of a family.

If you are interested in looking into becoming vegan, or maybe just dipping your toes in the water as a vegetarian, check out the FGCU Vegan and Vegetarian Club on Facebook @fgcuvv!

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