Call us FGCU: 6 incorrect names we’ve been called

As the FGCU men’s basketball team finds itself back in the spotlight before its highly anticipated match up with No. 1 UNC Thursday night, the program is going to have to deal with this again. For some reason, everyone seems to really struggle with how to reference FGCU.
It’s really not complicated, say it with me: F-G-C-U.
Or, hey, if you really want to get fancy: Florida Gulf Coast University.
I know, it’s hard.
Here’s a list of the best screw-ups, from the professionals, when referring to the Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles.

1. Florida Golf Coast

Why. Why. Why.

2. Fla. Gulf Coast

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The Associated Press style, which journalists are supposed to follow, when referring to states actually changed in 2014. No longer is it Fla., now you just spell out Florida. Despite the style change, this is one of the most common mistakes to FGCU’s name out there.
Transgressors include: ESPN, TBS and pretty much everyone else.

3. “FGC”

Even when the women’s soccer team, who earned national rankings, advanced to the second round NCAA Tournament for the first time in program history after three previous appearances, we couldn’t get our name right.
College Cup runner up Duke, who FGCU held scoreless in the first 60 minutes in the second round of the tournament, named the Eagles as “FGC” in a game preview press release. It’s since been changed. I’m mean, FGC, really?

4. Dunk Coast

This was just a sad attempt on Publix’s part to hop on the bandwagon and make a few bucks (and get past trademark).

5. Florida Gulf Cost

Found in USA Today’s front page of the sports section this morning. Bonus points for adding a “Fla. Gulf Coast” in the subheadline.
and of course…

6. Florida GC