Students pie professors to raise money for ACT

For the second year, the pie your professor for ACT event was hosted on the library lawn. What started as a civic engagement project for five students last spring is now becoming an annual event hosted by the FGCU Psychology Club.
“We’re going to make it an annual event,” said Farrah Pruskauer, the coordinator of the event and an FGCU student. “The professors and volunteers have fun with it, and it’s a good way to raise money. And, we don’t have to spend a lot to get it going.”

This year, the event rallied $335 to donate directly to the ACT shelter. A total of $295 came from pieing the professors — $2 to throw and $4 to smear. Another $45 came from donations.
“A lot of professors who did the event last year wanted to do it again,” Pruskauer said. “But, some just couldn’t because of prior engagements but still wanted to make a donation for the cause.”
Students who didn’t participate in the pie throwing were able to fill out a survey and get more information about sexual assault and ACT.
“That part I think is really important because there are a lot of resources and ways that ACT can help that people are unaware of,” Pruskauer said. “We wanted to not only raise money but make people aware, and I think we did that. And, we’ll continue to do just that in future events.”