New club on campus to focus on spreading positivity


Photo courtesy of FGCU Soulflowers

At FGCU, one of the biggest ways of serving is through organizations and clubs, each with their own mission statement and ideas.

Whether one wants to work with animals or people, there is always something open.

Soulflowers is one of these organizations on campus which has begun to bring its light onto the college campus and into the community.

Photo courtesy of FGCU Soulflowers

Soulflowers is a new organization started by Sephora Saint Pierre, with the mission being to “spread light in order to help others grow.” The organizations plan is to create opportunities for the community and give those they are helping the resources they need.

The organization itself will promote love and give positivity, serving for and to be advocates to youth.

They plan to have a big sister/big brother mentoring program, which can be seen with organizations such as “Big Brothers Big Sisters” and the “4-H Mentoring Program.”

This program will serve to help kids that are from broken families, low income communities, kids in foster homes, and those who have family who have been involved with the law.

“There are many factors that set Soulflowers apart,” Saint Pierre said. “Not only are we a service oriented organization but we try to go above and beyond to make an impact. Our goal is to spread light, love, and positivity to help improve the life of others. We are very passionate about being the change we want to see in the world.”

Soulflowers plans to partner with Rotoract, D.R.O.P, and Students for Children.

Soulflowers has hopes to promote and give a road of hope for those in adverse situations.

Soulflowers desire is to establish self-love, confidence, and esteem toward youth and to those that are on the campus of FGCU.

Their desire is “to spread God’s love, to show people that they hold the power to be whoever and whatever they want to be” according to their website.

“I hope that when people join us in volunteering, making an impact and spreading light that they get addicted to the joy of giving back,” Saint Pierre said. “I hope that they carry that feeling over to whatever else they get involved with.”

This organization will promote self-worth and create a type of empowerment in the student body to influence those around to be a change.

Soulflowers wants to help others see that they can change the world and to “push themselves to be the best that they can possibly be.”