Please don’t stop the music

In recent news around campus, there has been talk about banning music in the student plaza.

As an individual with a hectic schedule, and rather long days on campus, I enjoy the music that is played in the student plaza.  It always breaks up my day, and acts as a temporary stress reliever.

That being said, I do see a few perks of banning music in the student plaza.  Along with music, the policy that would be implemented also bans any megaphones being used in the area.

This would keep anyone from bombarding students with unwanted information and instead would allow students to choose which tables to visit and which piece of information to hear.

The difference between playing music and shouting through a megaphone is rather simple: the music is only meant to entice other people to walk up to the table or booth for more information about the organization running said table or booth.

The megaphone forces the listener to hear what that person has to say, regardless of whether or not they wish to hear it

A member of the Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority Inc., expressed her anger with the possibility of this ban.

“If it were to pass, our most successful way to show what our organization is about diminishes,” said president of Theta Nu Xi Krystal Shepard.

Theta Nu Xi is not a part of the typical rush week at FGCU, so setting up tables and booths is one of the only ways that they can make their presence known on campus to gain new members.

Music in the student plaza would be missed by our student body, especially by organizations that use music as a major part of their marketing.

I think a compromise should be reached that can keep the music on in the student plaza.