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What will happen once Trump takes office

In a history making election, billionaire Donald Trump, who has never held elected office or military position, was elected as the 45th president of the United States.

As January nears, when the office holder will transition from current president Barack Obama to Trump, citizens of the US can expect changes in immigration policy, infrastructure and other policies.

Trump has called for the immediate deportation of undocumented immigrants that are in are legal system. Removing criminal immigrants who are in America illegally is a high priority along with building a wall on the Mexican border, which throughout his campaign he promised that Mexico will pay for.

He plans to triple the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, and to end the “Catch and Release” policy, one that allows people who are caught in unlawful immigration status to be released while waiting for a hearing with an immigration judge, by deporting any detained undocumented immigrants.

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Big plans are also in place for infrastructure. Trump has proposed a deficit-neutral plan targeting new investments in the  nation’s infrastructure to accelerate the economy, as well as the creation of 25 million jobs. This includes the implementation of cost effective building of roads, bridges, tunnels, as well as waterways and pipelines. Expect investments in the private energy sector, as well as changes to airports, modernizing many across the country along with reforms off both the FAA and TSA.

While calls to withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership have been made during the campaign season, Trump also included it in his seven-point plan, along with renegotiating terms with NAFTA partners.

As far as taxes go, expect to see more changes in terms of taxation. Trump’s aim is to reduce taxes across the board, breaking the seven-bracket system down into three. The heart of the reductions can be expected to be seen targeting working and middle income families.

Trump has vowed to immediately repeal the Affordable Care Act and work towards more patient centered health care, along with opening state lines to encourage more competition for health insurance companies. Plans have also been announced to invest upwards of $20 million in education by reallocating existing federal funds. The plan is to not only fund K-12 education, but also ensure every young American can comfortably and affordably go to a two or four-year college.

The military would also receive a face-lift as a Trump’s “peace through strength” policy would be put into play. The plans include the enhancement and rebuilding of our military, allowing the Army to increase its numbers to 540,000 active duty troops, as well as increasing the Marines forces to 36 Battalions. Navy can expect to strengthen their fleet to 350 ships, and 1,200 fighter aircrafts in the Airforce.

Trump also hopes for the improvement of intelligence and cyber capabilities within the military, as well as calling to end the current strategy of nation building and regime change in foreign powers.

Trump plans on reforming Veteran Affairs to ensure that every veteran receive adequate care and attention they need.

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