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Who supports who?

Yesterday, we anxiously waited to see who would call the White House their new residence for the next four years — or more. We now know that person is President Donald Trump.

This election will be thought of as one for the books historically as well as for the entertainment industry.

Celebrities, actors and singers have shared their own opinions of the election, supporting candidates, participating in skits or helping their fans go out and vote.

Retired NBA player Dennis Rodman tweeted out on July 24, 2015 that America doesn’t need a politician, but rather “a businessman like Mr. Trump!” Rodman stated that he and Trump had been great friends for many years, showing his support for “Trump 2016.”

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Actress Kirstie Alley also took to Twitter to praise Trump’s appearance on “60 Minutes.”

“Watching (Donald Trump) on 60 minutes holding his own with Scott Pelley. Pelley acting like an antagonist asshat. I like Trump…fire at will,” Alley tweeted.

Before her Twitter was banned, rapper Azaelia Banks also used the social networking site to voice her opinion.

“OK so, I think I’m ready to admit that I’m going to vote for Donald Trump,” Banks famously tweeted.

However, following the leaked 2005 video of Trump making lewd comments about women, Banks took to Facebook to retract her support.

“I made a major mistake endorsing toupey-toupee,” Banks said in her Facebook post. “Womens rights are important and we must protect them. I tried…. I reached …. I even carried …… I take it all back.”

Actor Gary Busey, country star Loretta Lynn, reality TV star Teresa Giudice and actor Stephen Baldwin all shared their support for Trump as well.

Hall of Fame football coach Mike Ditka came out in support of Trump early into the election.

“I do like Donald Trump,” Ditka told The Chicago Sun-Times in September 2015. “Sometimes, I think he has to think a little more before he says things, but I think he’s on the right track. I think he has the fire in his belly to make America great again, and he’ll probably do it the right way. I do like him.”

Trump said, of Ditka, that his kind of attitude and personality is what our country needs as its representative.

“I’d love to have Mike involved in some capacity,” Trump said. “Why? Because Mike knows how to win and our politicians don’t.”

On the other hand, celebrities such as actress Emma Roberts, comedian Chelsea Handler and singer Miley Cyrus, amongst others, showed support for Clinton throughout the election season.

Roberts sported a Clinton campaign shirt, designed by Tanya Taylor, on her Instagram, captioning the post with #MadeForHistory and #ImWithHer.

Taylor posted a photo on her own Instagram of singer Demi Lovato wearing the same style shirt as Roberts, implying Lovato’s support of Clinton as well.

Handler told The Daily Beast that Clinton “is a really wonderful person, and a mother, and a caring grandmother.”

She followed by saying that she doesn’t see Trump being a caring father and that his children may be “scared” of him.

A photo of Cyrus on Instagram giving the camera a thumbs up with one hand and a “stronger together” sign held in the other showed her support for Clinton.

“Campaigned for (Clinton) today in GMU in VA encouraging young people to volunteer and vote!!!!” Cyrus captioned the photo.

Celebrity couple Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake posted a photo strip from a fundraiser luncheon the two hosted for Clinton. The pictures, which Biel shared on her Instagram with #ImWithHer, featured the duo and Clinton making silly faces for the camera.

In a video posted to Facebook, several celebrities spoke on why they are with Clinton.

TV producer Shonda Rhimes and actresses Constance Wu, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lena Dunham shared a few of the reasons that they are supporting Clinton.

“I want my president of the United States to make decisions on my behalf based on her experience,” Lee Curtis said.

Grammy-nominated singer Katy Perry followed suit.

“She’s the most qualified person to hear all of our needs, and mine, as a woman,” Perry said.

Former avid Bernie Sanders supporter Sarah Silverman had a message for the Sanders’ supporters at the Democratic National Convention in July.

“You’re being ridiculous,” Silverman said, encouraging them all to carry on his ideals by voting for Clinton in the upcoming election.

During his “Magnificent World” world tour, Chance the Rapper led a parade of thousands to the polls while hosting a free concert in downtown Chicago. He encouraged his fans to “stay woke and vote,” according to Time magazine.

Before her show in Tampa, comedian Amy Schumer helped register fans to vote, even giving her back to those who needed to fill out forms outside of Amalie Arena. Schumer, a public Clinton supporter, called Trump an “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster” during her following show, which led to booing and walkouts by some Trump supporters in attendance.

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