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Nebula in a jar is a great stress reliever

With the end of the semester rapidly approaching, it’s crunch time, and with finals coming up, stress is imminent.

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to relieve stress that aren’t going to cost you a fortune.

D.I.Y nebula in a Jar, or a “calm down jar,” is an easy and popular craft that you might have seen on Tumblr or Pinterest.

You’ll need a jar, some glitter, water, cotton balls and paint.

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For a nebula in a jar, you might want to go with silver, blue and light purple glitter. However, you can choose whichever kind you’d like if you don’t like those colors.

To get started, fill the jar up to about a fourth of the way with water. Put a few drops of paint into the water of one color and mix it until it’s fully dissolved.

From there, you add some glitter from each color you want.

Next, lightly shred a few cotton balls and put them in the jar. Then, use the back of something like a skewer or a spoon and press the cotton balls into the bottom of the jar.

From there, repeat the steps with different colors until the jar full.

The second thing you can make to calm your anxiety is a playdough stress ball.

Stress balls at the store usually cost a few dollars and it might be easier to make your own if you have some of the supplies laying around.

All you need are balloons, some playdough and a wooden rolling pin. Make a ball with the dough and using the rolling pin, roll your ball into a flat shape.

Roll the pancake dough into a tube shape and insert the tube into the balloon, pressing down to fill the balloon from the bottom up. Tie the neck of the balloon and you’ve got yourself a stress ball.

If you don’t have playdough, you can make your own. You will need some iodized sea salt, water, food coloring, flour and two bowls.

Pour the flour and salt in one of the bowls. It doesn’t really matter how much, just use what you think you need.

Mix it together and make sure it’s all blended as much as possible.

In a separate bowl, put the water and the food coloring color of your choice.

Mix the food coloring into the water. Keep in mind that the color of the water will be darker than the final product.

You can wrap it up and store it overnight in the fridge if you like, but it shouldn’t dry out.

Turn to crafting to relieve your stress this finals week.

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