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ACTION: An interview with Tyler Brown

Create and construct “the Eagle”
“Eagles Construct is probably the largest endeavor that we are pursuing this year. It is a big recognition piece as far as the library lawn is a large blank canvas. A lot of things around campus always have to go through the master plan but the library lawn has always been open, which is why we were able to honor the Veteran’s Pavilion, and that’s why we will be able to represent every organization, department and club. It will be a fountain with an eagle at the top. It will turn the library lawn cross into a roundabout with multiple landscapes and flowers around it and the eagle in the middle. Everyone will get a spot on the eagle with lots of room to add additional organizations as the University grows. What I really want to do is to aim toward their established year to show how long they’ve been a presence on campus to really show how traditions are being built on campus.”
NLV Parking Rights
“Right now Athletics requires everyone in the Glades area (any apartment building named after bird or tree) to move their car whenever there is a men’s or women’s basketball game. This causes them to not only have to go out of their way to move their cars out before a specific time in order to avoid punishment in the form of a ticket, but they have to ride the shuttle back or walk. The next day they then have to go get their cars before 8 a.m. in order to avoid a ticket for having their car on campus. Students pay a lot to live on campus, but their parking rights are taken away. I believe that we can easily utilize shuttles at the cost of SG in order to transport basketball fans to and from arena to all parking garages on campus. Even now, there are still hundreds of guests that walk to and from the parking garages that are elderly. I’ve walked back, and I’ve seen people with bum knees who were having trouble with the walk, so they had to call golf carts over to give them transportation. If we could get from the door to parking garages, not only would it be easier but a lot of congestion could be avoided.”
Enhance the Eagle dining experience with more options
“The new rec center will be constructed in next couple of years with CITF funds. The health center will be incorporated with it, so it will be the health and rec center in SoVi, leaving the current Wellness Center located in the student plaza a vacant building. I would like to step in with support of everyone on campus, not just myself and SG, to put in a sit-down restaurant with gluten-free, vegan and healthy options just like you would see in Student Union with different options.”
Bring back News-Press and USA Today newspapers 
USA and the News-Press were something I read every day when we had them on campus. They had so much cultural and local information. For students on the go who want to read the USA Today, look at all the financial graphs and calculations, it is so much easier. If you have something physical in your hand instead of online, each student gets their own copy.”
Modern bicycle sharing program 
“We’ve done research on this, and we would be able to make it equipped to slide an Eagle ID to unlock a specific bike that will be issued to you. The bikes would have full GPS tracking capabilities so you would be responsible for the bike the entire time it is checked out. There would be a two-day rental period for free before you have to lock it back in, like a check-in, and then you can re-slide you card and rent it again if you’d like. We plan to have anywhere from 100 to 200 of them.”
Work with UPD to fix parking 
The garages are such a small thought in the back of administration’s mind right now, so we really want to work with UPD in their own traffic management. Sometimes they’re out there directing traffic for us, which is awesome. Sometimes they’re not. We really want to work with them in order to help ease the flow around campus. Most of the time the congestion is not just from parking on campus, it’s getting in and out of campus.”
Improve our gym and intramural sporting activities
“CITF bonding is going to the Board of Governors right now. It has been passed, and now it’s up to Governor of Florida to sign and approve it. If it is passed, Campus Rec would soon be able to bond their $2.5 million that they have and start phase one of building the rec center. We will help in any way that we can. Whatever they’re pursuing we have their back. 
Create the Office of Veteran Affairs
In Student Government there is not a division of Veteran’s affairs.  An SG office of Veterans Affairs would be essentially for directorship and coordinators, to facilitate veterans and help them facilitate paperwork and in-state tuition and applications as well as on-campus activities. We have a huge pavilion that we just dedicated and it’s time that we start using it for its purpose. Right now in-state tuition is being pushed through for veterans. So to help them facilitate that, we’d be more than happy to help them with that.
Work with local law firms to implement Student Legal Services 
This is as far as any legal issues. It’s not just for DUI or criminal issues. This is for any student that has done research and is looking for patents and could use assistance and consultation with that. Before I was a senator I was in an RSO, and we had entrepreneurs from an engineering club that were lucky enough to win a competition. They had their legal fees paid for because they won – this is something that we should look into for other research projects that students have on campus. 
Use of WGCU studio space 
Students could come in and utilize under supervision to record their own songs, mixtapes, whatever they’d like to do, commercials. We can start to use the space to make ads and commercials for RSO advertising. I know from speaking with past administrations that have tried the radio station is that school administrations have told them that it’s not feasible at this time to try a student-run radio. Going in there as an RSO and recording a small snippet is a totally different concept in my eyes.
Integrity and student leadership 
They mean everything to me. I have them last on my platform card, but they were the very first thing that came into my mind when I first started running. The reason why I ran this year is because I felt like the students have been misrepresented, and they’ve been misled. Integrity is everything as a public official. It’s you standing up in front of the constituents that you represent, telling them the truth, laying it all out there to show everyone the utmost respect for giving you the position that you have (and) for letting you serve under them. Serve under them. As far as student leadership, there are so many great opportunities on campus for student leadership.
Aramark agreement for RSO fundraising 
This is one of my favorites. This year during the budget process, there was a new standard set by the appropriations committee that heavily relied on fundraising and community service. We got a lot of pushback from clubs that it’s very difficult to fundraise if you’re very busy, or if it’s not a “popular” idea. Aramark offers this at many universities – including FSU – it’s a free service, it’s just like a “Moe’s night” or a “Foster’s night.” If you register your club at the beginning of the year, at a certain date and time there will be a bucket by the cashier’s till, and if you drop your receipt into the bucket, 10 percent of the bill goes right back into your cash account. You don’t even have to sell yourself. All you have to do is this free registration, and you receive your own cash, you raise your own funds and show student government that you really love this campus as much as we know you do.
Why do you think you’re the best candidate for the position of president?
I believe that over the past two years at being at FGCU, I’ve grown as both a leader and as a servant. I have started in RSOs and moved my way up. I have run an RSO and started RSOs and was brought in very quickly under past administrations to become part of student government. I showed that no matter whose side the bill is on – no matter who it represents – I’m in it for the students. As long as it benefits everyone as a whole, that’s how I will vote no matter what.
Do you have any comments you’d like to add?
I’d just like to say that my goal for this election is to bring the students back into the light of what’s going on. I’m here to help the students, bottom line. I’m here to help and facilitate in any way you need. Good luck to every other candidate that’s running, and we will see you at the polls.

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