Azul’s brewhouse opens in North Lake


EN Photo taken by Nina Mendes. The grand opening of Azul’s Brewhouse brought out students,

Beat Reporter
Nina Mendes
The grand opening of the much anticipated Azul’s Brewhouse cut the ribbon on August 22 at 7 p.m. in North Lake Village’s Boardwalk.
FGCU students, faculty and alum gathered to celebrate the newest edition to the on campus eatery/bar which overlooks the water.
A DJ kicked off the party while complimentary hors d’oeuvres were passed around by servers.
FGCU alum and Marketing Coordinator for Campus Dining, Charles Bengston was one of those servers and oversaw the event to make sure everything ran smoothly.
“Hopefully it will give students an alternative to going off-campus and drinking, and they can do it right here in the convenience of their dorms,” said Bengston. “The fact that [Campus Dining] put in a lot of effort into the atmosphere, whether it be games, putting in TVs, having trivia nights… really brings in people to just come to hang out.”
The Boardwalk has recently begun to offer alcoholic beverages to those over 21 within the past few semesters, but Azul’s Brewhouse is first of its kind.
The brewhouse aims to encourage upperclassman to drink responsibly within walking distance of their homes.
“As someone who is of legal drinking age, I am looking forward to having fun in a new location that’s targeted towards my age group and living situation,” said FGCU senior, Carly Smith. “The brewery is also conveniently located where I can easily walk or take the shuttle there.”
Drinks ranging from Coors Lites to White Claws are available for purchase on the premises, along with an FGCU specialty beverage.
“One of the beers we incorporated is the ‘Blue Eagle Lager,’ and that’s basically a twist on the Pabst Blue Ribbon,” said Bengston. “It’s just a cool thing to incorporate FGCU into the brand of a beer which has never happened before.”
Freebies such as T-shirts, koozies, sunglasses and pins were available for attendees to take home.
A two-player basketball arcade added to the brewhouse’s laid-back environment, allowing students to unwind from the first week of classes.
Those under the age of 21 are still welcomed in the brewery and can purchase food or gelato, but a valid photo ID must be presented in order to obtain a wristband that permits guests to drink.
The celebration began to wind down at around 10 PM.
Azul’s Brewhouse is now open for business during Boardwalk dining hours.