Modern Dating: Tinderella and Prince Charming

If you were to ask me at this time last year to express my opinion on true love and dating, my explanation would have ended with me proclaiming that I would rather catch swine flu than feelings because it is probably easier to get rid of and at least I would know it was real.
We are born into this idealistic view that one day our Prince Charming will come and sweep us off our feet, and all will be right with the world. We are so sorely mistaken.
We are misled by the belief that one day this person will come into our lives and suddenly everything will make sense and we will be complete. We keep going through the motions of our days and keep moving toward this delusional fantasy that we have engraved into our minds from the start.
Instead of living life in hopes of another person coming along and fixing all of your problems, be your own hero.
Fix your life. Start doing things that make your life have meaning. Step away from the comfort zone of your phone and quit obsessing over such trivial things such as the amount of matches you have received on Tinder.
With social media’s impact on dating, it has given many people a lack of depth or basic skills that a person would need in order to carry on a meaningful conversation with someone of the opposite sex.
We have the capability to set up multiple dates, sometimes even within the same day. It’s just as simple as sliding our index finger toward the right of our screen on our phones. We have a person’s entire background information readily available to us, yet we are totally incapable of stringing words together to convey significant meaning when talking face to face with a person.
Give yourself more credit; you are more than capable of leading a happy life on your own. I promise the sun will still come up tomorrow morning even if you didn’t match with that hot guy on Tinder.
Before you find yourself in a happy relationship, you need to have a happy life that you can be proud of whether a significant other is in it or not.
When you solidify a happy life, you ensure a brighter future for yourself.
I have seen so many friends find themselves in relationships that fully consume their lives, but I believe if you want a healthy relationship, you absolutely need to have a life outside of your relationship.
Have your own interests. Go out with your friends instead of reserving every night for your love interest. It is OK to be selfish and do things that make you enjoy life, because if you don’t put yourself first occasionally, then who will?
These days, if you were to ask me my opinion of true love and dating, it would not end in me comparing love to a fatal disease.
When I came to the realization that it is myself and my life that I need to love, I realized that I am not  as opposed to the idea of falling head over heels.  I urge everyone to fall in love, to fall in love with today.
Fall in love with your life right now.
Instead of swiping right on Tinder in hopes of love (or lust), fall in love with your life and what you do with it.
Be passionate in your actions and you will attract people who are likeminded. Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll fall in mutual love with another human being.
No, they will not be the perfect Prince Charming that you have envisioned.
They will be flawed, they will piss you off and they will do and say things that drive you completely insane, and you know what? It will be undeniably perfect.
Perfection in love is not with Prince Charming because that would be too easy. Life is a little more exciting when you have someone to keep you on your toes.