Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Do you take the interstate to get to campus? How many accidents have you seen on Ben Hill Griffin Parkway between Alico Road and the campus entrance?
I have been driving to campus for two years and have seen at least one every semester. They have all looked serious with smashed cars and, in a couple of cases, emergency responders treating those involved.
According to the Florida Gulf Coast University Parking Services manager, they issued about 3,800 parking permits in July and Aug.ust alone. So, a significant number of students are trying to get to class on time and risking their lives.
I know we are just trying to make it to class on time, often in the mornings when we haven’t quite shaken the sleep from our bodies.
But, if everyone involved in student safety was aware of this issue and did what they could, we would all be safer.
Drivers run a huge risk when they travel at least 50 mph and sometimes more.
The wide intersections along this stretch of the road increase the danger.
So, I suggest that the traffic lights may be adjusted. The lights for the turn lanes into campus could stay green somewhat longer than the lights leaving campus to accommodate students trying to get to class on time.
This would take legislative action, obviously, but I think it would help.
The police could and should, in my opinion, have a greater presence on this road to enforce the traffic laws a little closer.
Campus administration and others who have influence with governmental and police officials, please note these suggestions and consider making formal proposals as appropriate.
Meanwhile, drivers, you can take a few simple steps to keep yourself and others safe.
Comply with the 50 mph. speed limits.
Do not try to “make it” at yellow lights.
Consider how wide some of these intersections are compared to others. The light for traffic coming from another direction is usually green before you can drive all the way through.
Thus, the likelihood of collision is higher if you take a chance.
Also, if you’re stopped at a red light, take one extra look before you start forward on a green light.
On rainy days, be even more cautious. It is harder to stop quickly when you cannot see as well and the roads are slicker.
Campus administration, police and students can contribute to the general safety of those who work and study at FGCU.