Confidence comes from within, not online

Shouldn’t self-confidence come from within? It should be an inner spark you have that shines so bright that no one  can diminish it.
Instead, confidence seems to come more and more from the amount of likes on their most recent selfie.
Social media, was once an easy way to connect with others, but has quickly turned into an addiction that can either shoot down your confidence or send it shooting sky high— all because of some good lighting and cleavage?  Is it really boosting your confidence? It’s all temporary until you post that next selfie in hopes that it does as well as the last one, and if not there goes your temporary happiness or confidence.
It is all simply a false sense of security. It’s like we thrive off of people seeing how well we are doing in our lives and we want that constant recognition and reassurance that others are “liking” what we are doing or what pictures we are posting.
Give relationships for example: a couple gets into a fight. The second they are fighting what do they do? They turn to social media for a false sense of security.
It becomes a dangerous game.
One of them thinks “well fine, if you won’t give me what I need someone on my timeline will.”
Sure enough, about 50 people “like” that picture you post and that basically fills the emptiness you feel when you’re fighting with your significant other. You begin to see these “options” that are almost never actually good options.
Instead, it is more of an instant gratification you get from other guys or girls “liking” what you’re putting out on social media. You think that “like” may go a long way. When in reality, on the other side of that computer is just someone who probably didn’t even look twice at what you posted.
It goes much deeper than relationships.  With all of the photos and statuses we post, what is the real reason we post them? What drives us to post on social media?
I believe it comes from us wanting others to see how well we are, and once we get that “like” we know we are envied or recognized.
We post these things because we want people to see “how happy I am.”
We always want their grass to look greener. Sometimes, they want it to seem greener only because they’re actually not happy at all and they use social media as an outlet.
Half of the people reading this article will be simultaneously checking their social media sites every 30 seconds. Others will be offended and the few who actually have their eyes open to the world around us will understand where I am coming from.