Psych club prepares students for grad school

In the first meeting of the school year, Students Promoting Industrial and Organizational Psychology had a turnout of more than 70 students along with psychology program chair Ken Tarnowski, Ph.D.
“The students were really pleased to see the support of Dr. Tarnowski,” said SPIOP adviser Terence Leary, Ph.D.
Attendants sat in chairs arranged in a circle and listened to opening remarks from each of the officers including new president, Jose Javier Tello.
According to Leary, the purpose of this first meeting was to meet and greet with the members and “to market the exceptional job opportunities and graduate school opportunities in the field.”
This is SPIOP’s second year of operation.
“We will bring it to new heights this year,” Leary said. “We want to get people involved and get people into grad school and get them jobs.”
This year, members of SPIOP can expect a lot of outdoor teambuilding activities, workshops, guest speakers from industries and a lot of preparation for graduate school.
The club hopes to meet once a month. Interested students should contact Tello, Vice President Jessica Conroy or Secretary Jordan Santos through Eagle Mail for more information.