Park your problems somewhere else


It seems as though one of the biggest problems plaguing our student body is not academics or social life but a much larger issue  parking.
Everyday I see people complaining on Twitter that they circled the parking garage for ten minutes seeking a spot, or simply skipped class because they didn’t want to find parking  although I’m sure that those who skipped class simply scapegoated parking.
I’ve been a student at Florida Gulf Coast University for close to four years and a commuter for three of them. During my entire collegiate career, I’ve never had an issue finding a parking spot.
Seldom do I seek a spot in Parking Garage three (behind Merwin) or four (near Lutgert) because I know that they are busy.
Rather than driving around a busy parking garage, I’ve found that it is much easier to find a spot in a less-crowded garage or simply park in the auxiliary (dirt) lot.
Students constantly complain that they don’t want to park in these garages because they are far away, but maybe if we were slightly less lazy we wouldn’t have this problem.
While you may be seeking someone to placate you and say that parking is really awful, it isn’t me.
Whether you believe in evolution or the Big Bang Theory, it is understood that most of us are given legs that make us capable of walking.
Unless you have a physical handicap that makes you incapable of walking far distances, I see no reason why anyone is complaining about walking to his or her car. You might as well channel that energy to something more worthwhile like complaining about that terrible exam grade you definitely didn’t deserve.
I’ve heard many people say that they do not want to park somewhere else because they think it will make them later for class, however circling a packed parking garage for 45 minutes searching for a parking spot is probably the reason that you’re late (or waiting in line at Starbucks).
This is not a life or death issue, so it does not need to be treated as such. I know we all have those typical “college problems” but finding a parking spot isn’t one of them.
If you actually bother to spend five minutes thinking ahead, you’ll find yourself complaining a lot less.