Cosplay and Costuming Club bringing thrills to campus

The Cosplay and Costuming Club used liquid latex and paper towels to create zombie-like makeup effects. EN Photo/ Jessica Souza
The Cosplay and Costuming Club used liquid latex and paper towels to create zombie-like makeup effects. EN Photo/ Jessica Souza

Zombies came to life at the FGCU Cosplay and Costuming Club on Thursday, Sept. 2 with makeup tutorials to prepare for Halloween.
Club member Savanna Grayson provided the makeup tutorials. Grayson got involved in makeup artistry – especially zombie makeup – after working on the annual Zombie Bike Ride in the Keys.
“Today I used liquid latex and also paper towels, but the best thing that I always usually use is toilet paper, glue and wax,” Grayson said. She demonstrated how to apply the makeup on hands, knees and arms.
The Cosplay and Costuming Club is perfect for students interested in creating their own costumes for any occasion. They provide tutorials in subjects such as sewing and makeup to help students learn how to create their own costumes. The club also gives students time to work on their costumes during the club so they can get help and share ideas with other members.
Cosplay, which is short for costume play, is when people dress up as a specific character from a fictional series. Cosplayers are commonly seen at conventions like Comic Con, but the Cosplay and Costuming Club’s President Jake Tempkins wants to do more than simply dress up.
“We’re getting ready for two collaborations with two clubs on campus,” Tempkins said. “We really want to get our name out there and be involved on campus and have an impact.”
The Cosplay and Costuming Club is working with the campus Food Forest for the annual Haunted Walk to scare people along the route around Halloween. Club members are thinking of and working on potential scary costumes like zombies, characters from the Silent Hill series, and splicers – people with horrible deformities from substance abuse and bad plastic surgery – from the BioShock video games.
“That would entail us to get together and put on our costumes and go into the forest as people to walk through and scare them. It’ll be sort of like Halloween Horror Nights but in more of an enclosed area,” Tempkins said.
The club is also working with the Asian Culture Club to host a Cosplay Café on campus, where people dress as their favorite anime characters and go to a coffee shop type of setting. Cosplay restaurants are popular in Japan and one, Maid Café NY, opened in New York City last year.
“It’s essentially where like-minded people can get together, dress up in different cosplays, and share a meal together,” Tempkins said. The date of the Cosplay Cafe is to be determined.
The Cosplay and Costuming Club meets every Thursday at 6 p.m. The location alternates between Merwin Hall and Ben Hill Griffin and is announced weekly via an email by Tempkins. To join the club, students can register on Eagle Link at