Transferring or staying depends on you

We are currently in the seventh week of the fall semester. The norm dictates that by now, everyone has finally decided in their minds whether or not they will be returning to Florida Gulf Coast University for the spring semester, particularly first-year students.
That is perfectly fine, and no one can be blamed for having a change of mind, especially when they are in a position of inconvenience. However, after speaking with a few first-year students who are yearning to leave FGCU, I was taken aback by their rationale.
The most common reason is the nightlife. The jest of the conversations were, “There is nothing to do in Estero, everything good is far away, and everywhere closes early.”
Others complained about the increments of wildlife around campus and the exposure to nature as it is, such as the bugs and the trees.
At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to his or her opinions. Thus, here are my own.
I am a 19-year-old sophomore and I could never imagine attending any another university. I perceive FGCU to be a resort. Not many schools have an actual lakefront that you can go sailing on, along with a beach that has hammocks in the shade.
The housing facilities — from Flamingo in West Lake, Egret in North Lake to Everglades in South Village — are everything a student living away from home could ever ask for. The suites are spacious and well maintained, and every housing area has its own amenities. I would accept that any day as opposed to bunking with some stranger in a “dorm” at some other public state college.
The nature-friendly environment along with the wildlife create a breathtaking ambience that replenishes as the months roll by. Soon, it will become cooler and the night will fall earlier, giving the entire campus a mellow and fuzzy vibe.
The newly designed walkways on the main campus beautifully complement the caliber of institution that FGCU has grown into, and the boardwalks are a dream come true for nature-appreciating students. FGCU is flawless, in my eyes.
There is so much to do on campus.
There are 270 registered student organizations ranging from a spearfishing club to advisory boards and many athletic opportunities that are open to students all year long. When it comes down to nightlife, I tend to deem that as a matter of, “to each, their own.”
Upperclassmen who are within the legal age group to pursue the pleasures of barley have enough time to study, and first- year students and most sophomores do not meet the legal age requirements for nightlife activities, thus additional nightlife venues outside of Keys and Bar Louie become more of proceed-at-your-own risk propositions.
In the end, FGCU is a great institution with countless opportunities. Transferring elsewhere due to an inconvenience is not very mature, therefore, it goes back to the person. If transferring still seems to be the expedient option, ask yourself this question: Was FGCU a fitting choice for me in the first place?