Hockey funding at risk

Student Government put the club hockey team on ice at Tuesday night’s senate meeting. The bill was indefinitely tabled, leaving the team without SG funding.
The bill encompassed ice time at Germain Arena for the Division 2 and Division 3 teams. Originally, the bill was for $69,374; however, sponsor CJ Duffie plans to amend it down to $50,000.
SG members have cited finance code violations for the tabling of the bill. Senators said that the organization’s tryout fees, and club dues are against the finance code.
The hockey club has been active on the FGCU campus for more than 13 years — with league dues and tryout fees — and has never been told it was in violation of the finance code in the past.
Currently, the club’s budget is approximately $147,000, and it is mostly funded through donations and sponsorships.
The organization has many fundraisers to sustain its mission, fundraising more than most registered sports clubs at Florida Gulf Coast University. Many other SG-funded organizations on this campus function similarly — with league dues and tryouts.
Without the money from SG, the club currently is unsure of the outcome.
“We don’t know what will happen with this club,” Coach Bob Brinkworth said. “We will have to meet and discuss the future of the organization.”
Currently, there are 60 students playing on the Division 2 and 3 travel teams. Most of the team was in attendance, along with coaches and board of director members.