Lack of self-esteem gives girls a bad rap on social media

Are women as crazy as their social media accounts portray them?
I really tried to say that women are not as crazy as they make their profiles seem. Ladies, I really tried. I thoroughly looked at all the social networking of all my female friends,  and the way a majority of them portray themselves is scary.
Quotes such as, “Text a girl something stupid, and it takes 42 seconds for three of her friends to get a screenshot,” to, “I like my eyelashes as black as my soul and as long as the list of people I hate,” are beyond scary and insane. We are having the men in our lives no longer trust us, but instead fear us. What kind of man wants to date a woman he is afraid of? Not a single one that I know.
I tried to move past the scary quotes, I did. After I scrolled through selfie after selfie, which I don’t mind because I wouldn’t follow someone if I didn’t want to see his or her face. But seriously, ladies, the quotes that some of you put as your captions are weird and very rarely have anything to do with your actual face. I saw a very basic selfie and a very memorable quote, “How you feel is creating your world. How I feel is creating my world.”
I am really worried about how high your self-esteem is if you think that the caption for your picture should be a memorable quote. I seriously wonder how long it takes some of you to Google a remarkable quote that goes with your basic selfie.
I really thought that as I searched through all the profiles of my less crazy  friends, they would make themselves seem less crazy, and I was right. I have learned from my research that the crazier the girl, the crazier she seems on social media.
Suitors, this one is for you — stay away from girls that have a million quotes, selfies and screenshots posted on their profiles. Also, beware of the girls that have every form of social media; Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yik Yak, Tinder, etc. If she has more than like three of these, run. Run as far away as you can.
Ladies, let’s stop with the duck faces, the screenshots and the life-changing quotes (leave that for Pinterest, males never travel there). We should never post anything that we would later be ashamed of. We all have the ability to be classy, and I think that it is time that we start to act like it in our social profiles. Hide the Solo cups, put some clothes on and show off your beautiful smile, and please stop using filters and Photoshop.
We are all beautiful and not crazy, but we need to start showing people that we aren’t crazy.