Top apps for a Spring Break road trip

(EN Illustration / Emily Ford)
(EN Illustration / Emily Ford)

GasBuddy – Free

Filling up your tank is a huge expense of taking a road trip. The GasBuddy app can assist you in finding and saving on gas. Gasbuddy uses your location to find the nearest and cheapest gas station to you. Save big and thank your GasBuddy for fueling up your adventure to your next destination.

Findery – Free

Looking to add a twist to your road trip travels? The application Findery allows its users to leave notes, videos and photos at any location for others to find when in the same area. This treasure hunt-like app provides insight of what other explorers are doing in the area that which you are traveling and allows you to share your trip with others.

Waze – Free

Time saving navigation is the key to a successful and stress-free road trip. Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and GPS application. In real time, Waze users update other users on traffic, accidents, police officers and even upcoming weather. This social-life navigation system will help save time and gas money on any road trip adventure. Cruise along the freeway informed and confident of your direction and what lay ahead.

HotelTonight – Free

Traveling on the road creates a need for flexibility that HotelTonight offers. The HotelTonight application offers last-minute hotel deals from basic hotels to luxury hotel stays. The app is easy to use and offers hotel profiles, reviews and directions to every hotel listing. Pull off the road when you feel your eyes are getting tired and book a stay using HotelTonight.

Spotify – $10/mo or $5/mo (for students)

Road trips would be nothing without your favorite mix of songs. The popular app Spotify offers a platform where you can build playlists, search songs and browse popular playlists per genre, mood or holiday through a phone, computer or tablet. Even though Spotify is $10 a month, they offer a $5 a month special for students by simply providing them with a valid student identification number.

Glympse – Free

Let your friends and family take a “Glympse” as to where you are on your road trip this spring break. This app allows you to share your location, route and stops by simply adding them as a virtual passenger. This application will help keep expecting hosts and caravanning travellers in the know. Not to mention, it will give mothers peace of mind.