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Ten things you probably forgot when you moved into college for the first time

Preparing to move into college can be so exciting, but also stressful. The night before can be filled with anxiety, excitement, parents trying to get in the last few hours of “quality time” before you leave the nest, and with all those distractions, it’s easy to forget a few things when moving to college for the first time. Here’s some things you probably forgot to pack for college.

    1. Cold medicine– Once you get into your first month or so of school, your lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and of course, living in close quarters with other students, your immune system is going to cave. and you’re going to get your first cold of the semester. Stock up now before you wake up one morning miserable.
    2. An extra phone charger– Let’s be real, it’s probably plugged in next to your bed at home.
    3. Silverware– Silverware is more than one fork, spoon and butter knife that you plan to just wash after each use. Do yourself a favor and go buy a cheap set.
    4. Command strips- Because you never seem to have enough.
    5. Hangers– You are going to need a lot more than five hangers, pal.
    6. A hammer (or just a basic tool set)– You realize on move-in day that you’re going to need it a lot more than you think you do.
    7. Storage- After about a month into your freshman year, you’ll realize you’ve been hoarding all the free stuff you got from Week of Welcome and old high school shirts.
    8. Cable/HDMI cords– It’s going to suck when you go to set up your TV and can’t. Be sure it’s on the list.
    9. Multiple-use towels-Whether your dorm has a kitchen space or your mini-fridge/microwave setup is your “kitchen,” chances are you’re going to need a towel that’s not used for showers or the beach.
    10. Actual school supplies– More often than not, many people get so caught up in the thrill of dorm shopping and picking out the perfect mini fridge that you probably forgot to bring things like oh, I don’t know, paper, pens or notebooks.

In short, don’t sweat the small stuff. It can all be found in the Gulf Coast Town Center across the street, a convenience store or at the FGCU bookstore for twice the price.

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