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I don’t mess with you: FGCU made wrong choice with Big Sean

The Programming Board recently announced that Big Sean would be headlining our annual fall concert, Eaglepalooza. The other two performers areNatalie La Rose and DJ Rifik.
As soon as my roommate texted me the news, I logged onto social media to see what my peers thought of this year’s lineup because personally, I am not impressed.
We’ve all heard of Big Sean. His song “I Don’t (vulgarity deleted) With You.” It plays at every bar on a popular night, with everyone drinking and pointing at their friends yelling the lyrics. We’ve all been there. His song “Blessings” was also a big hit, but I think it was primarily because he featured Drake on the chorus. Riley Curry singing it during an interview with her NBA star dad, Stephan, in the finals definitely helped boost the song as well. I personally never cared for the song but Riley is so cute, I’ll admit she made me listen to it a few times.
Both of these tracks were featured on his album, “Dark Sky Paradise,” which was released in February. Since then, they have been the only popular songs he has had. Although I have these two songs saved on my Spotify, you won’t catch me waiting in line to spend $22 on those tickets.
I’m not trying to discredit Big Sean’s success or songs, although, I do think most of his fame came from dating pop singer Ariana Grande. I personally will not spend money or request off work to go see an artist who performs only a a few songs from. I’m OK with only hearing these songs at a bar, instead of in the middle of a crowd, being pushed to get closer to the stage.
La Rose is the other major performer, another one I’m not very impressed with. Her only popular song is “Somebody” and I highly doubt anyone else will be singing along with her other songs. If they are, those are some true fans for the up-andcoming artist.
DJ Rifik I’ve never heard of, so maybe I should give him a listen to see why the Programming Board would invite him.
Regardless, whether you’re excited for the concert or not, I suggest you go if you have nothing else to do. I’ve been to many Eaglepaloozas in the past and had a ton of fun, mostly because I actually enjoyed the artists. Either way, Eaglepalooza is something every FGCU student should go to at least once.
Tickets go on sale to students Sept. 4 for $22. So for all you Big Sean fans out there, if there are any, have fun waiting in line early in the morning. But you won’t be seeing me at this year’s concert, and I will be happily sleeping in my bed on the morning of Sept. 4 while the rest of you are waiting in line for tickets.
So thank you, Big Sean, for one song that I actually love belting out while driving or at a bar, but I don’t mess with you, either.

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