FGCU opens Communication Lab

Midterms are over, but we all know things tend to get worse before they get better. Finals are around the corner, and if that wasn’t enough to overwhelm you, all of your final outlines, essays and speeches are due as well. This can frustrate any student, but FGCU offers many helpful resources, such as the Communication Lab.
The Communication Lab is located in Reed Hall, room 151. This lab is full of interns and trained staff who are there to help the student body with speeches and outlines. Many students don’t know how to get over their fear of public speaking, but this is exactly where the Communication Lab staff comes in, seeing as they are skilled and fit to help. For extra measures, professor Margaret Hambrick’s knowledge is also readily available.
Walk-ins are welcome, or you can set up an appointment. Visit the Communication Lab webpage for more information and hours.