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Allowing pets in FGCU student housing would be a stress reliever

May 1, 2016

College can be really lonely once in a while, and sometimes, you really just need a friend — man’s best friend. The original written rule at FGCU is that the only pet allowed on campus is a fish, with...

Taking unprescribed Adderall as a study tool should be an accepted norm

April 22, 2016

Three presentations to give, two essays to write, four exams to cram for, 32 math homework assignments to submit and a nagging pile of clean laundry getting wrinkly in the corner — we all know how finals...

New eateries at FGCU will offer a better variety of food choices for students

April 16, 2016

Big changes are brewing here at good ol’ FGCU. By “big,” I, of course, mean the food. Due to its contract with Aramark coming to an end, FGCU signed a new 10-year one with Chartwells. Although it...

The green efforts made by FGCU have left a mark on this planet and have given other school’s competition

April 14, 2016

The main thing that FGCU as a whole strives to be can be boiled down into one word: sustainable. Global warning has been a big deal for the world as of late, the internet is chockfull of videos and pictures...

Good Samaritan law: is a cracked car window enough to save dogs?

April 8, 2016

Being a 20-year-old pet owner, I know what it means to say that your dog is your baby. There are things that you do for your child, like buy them the best dog food and toys around, giving them lots of...

Interrupted peace marches in Brussels paint an unclear future for the country

April 6, 2016

Police had to intervene when rioters hijacked the peace march in Brussels on March 28, following the recent suicide bombings in the Belgian capital. These rioters, who wore all black and took to calling...

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