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Letter to the Editor: Planting More Trees

Grace Longridge January 6, 2023

Dear Editor, Many people believe that we can fix the climate change crisis just by planting a lot of trees. Charles Harvey, an MIT Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, who specializes in...

Letter to the Editor: Minimalism

Abby Hendershot January 4, 2023

Dear Editor, FGCU preaches its use of sustainable principles when promoting the campus and university but tends to sweep the issue of excessive waste under the rug. There is a difference between what...

Letter to the Editor: Environmental Identity or Diversity

Polina Radinsky January 2, 2023

Dear Editor, A well-rounded university has a diverse identity with multiple assets, which leads to engagement with varying perspectives and an impressive reputation. However, I am not interested in...

Letter to the Editor: Alligators on Campus

Madison Sardine December 30, 2022

Dear Editor, A nuisance alligator is a wild alligator that is an active threat to humans, companion animals, or property due to length or loss of fear. They are euthanized in Florida; the luckier ones...

Letter to the Editor: A Greener Campus

Morgan Wurst December 29, 2022

Dear Editor, As many know, FGCU’s campus is considered a sustainable and green school. FGCU is one of the top green schools in Florida, but how green is it compared to the rest of the country or the...

Letter to the Editor: Alligators on Campus

Hunter Martin December 7, 2022

Dear Editor, Many like to think alligators only exist to terrorize us. Despite their menacing appearance, alligators are docile and will only attack if provoked. However, that doesn’t mean it’s...

Letter to the Editor: No surprise student smoking hasnt stopped

Letter to the Editor: No surprise student smoking hasn’t stopped

April 29, 2017

It is of no surprise to me that – as one of your recent opinion articles states – “FGCU’s tobacco ban hasn’t stopped student smokers” completely, and it was unrealistic to think that it ever...

No, abortion criminalization is the human rights violation

No, abortion criminalization is the human rights violation

February 25, 2017

In a letter to the editor, Timothy Hsiao wrote a thought-provoking article claiming that the practice of abortion is a human rights violation tantamount to murder. He claims that the entire abortion debate...

Yes, abortion is a human rights violation

Yes, abortion is a human rights violation

February 17, 2017

Everyone would agree that abortion kills something. That much is clear. But given that abortion does kill something, shouldn’t we determine just what it is that we’re killing before we advocate for...

Letter to the editor

Remember where you came from

November 20, 2016

Most of us have temporarily forgotten in our 20-year history that the only expectation FGCU has is that we “practice civility and mutual respect in all deliberations.” As FGCU employees, whether faculty,...

No to racism on campus

No to racism on campus

October 27, 2016

In light of the repugnant racist expression that occurred on campus last week, I wish to add my voice to the long list of those who have said NO to racism on this campus. As Director of the Center for...

Zach Johnson brings the ball up the floor during 2016 First Four game against FDU. (EN Photo/ Kelli Krebs)

Dunk City returns to Southwest Florida

March 16, 2016

Do you remember where you were when you heard the Eagles made the Sweet Sixteen? Last night, FGCU won its game against Fairleigh Dickinson and qualified for the NCAA tournament. We’re officially in...

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