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Full Pulp: Ep.1 – Peacefully Vibes Photography

Full Pulp: Ep.1 – Peacefully Vibes Photography
EN Illustration / Audrey Mobley


Full Pulp Ep. 1

Elijah Davidson. (Photo courtesy of Elijah Davidson)

Full Pulp premieres as a showcase of unique and often underground talent in the cultural realms of Southwest Florida and beyond. Photographer Elijah Davidson shares his intimate perspective of Fort Myers, what exactly “vibes” has to do with his life mantra and what it’s like interacting with several thousand followers through social media.

About The Author

Luke Janke

Luke Janke is a super senior studying journalism at FGCU. When he’s not listening to podcasts, he’s busy producing his own podcast, Full Pulp. Concerts and music are at the forefront of his horizon, and when there’s an ounce of free time you’ll find him in his home studio laying down tracks for his music project, Bull Moose Party. As a self-proclaimed nihilist, his affinity for death is emphasized by the authentic squirrel skull found on his desk in the newsroom.

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