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Season your sweet tooth with holiday candy

Tis’ the season for decking your dorm, reciting Christmas movies and sipping on eggnog. Despite your urge to reach for a traditional candy cane found lying around from last holiday, indulge in this season’s candy trends that will leave you rocking around the Christmas tree.

Peppermint M&M’s If you’re prone to hogging the Andes mints after dinner, then peppermintflavored M&M’s might be your new seasonal addiction. These M&M’s have the same hard candy coating found on conventional M&M’s, but feature a white chocolate peppermint-flavored filling. The white and red candy coating resembles the look and flavor of a customary peppermint candy cane. Price: $2.99

Hershey’s Pepermin Bark bells Peppermint bark is an iconic holiday treat making itself known to the candy shelves this holiday season. Hershey’s has concocted its own twist on the bark, creating Peppermint Bark Bells. The Hershey’s bells feature a thin bottom layer of semi-sweet chocolate, topped with a mound of peppermint white chocolate. Diverging from traditional bark, which is topped with chopped candy canes, the bells feature green and red sprinkles that are mixed within the white chocolate to create a different texture. The concentrated peppermint flavor hits your nostrils once the bag is opened and only intensifies after you take your first bite. Erase your ideals of accustomed peppermint bark when trying Hershey’s Peppermint Bark Bells. Price: $3.29

Hot Cocoa with Marshmallow 3 Musketeers Although peppermint reigns as the predominant holiday flavor, Mars decided to sway from the season’s stereotype by creating hot cocoa with marshmallow 3 Musketeers bars. Individually wrapped minis are assorted with silver and brown wrapping to resemble that of hot cocoa and marshmallow. The flavor is similar to the traditional 3 Musketeers, but the texture is fluffier to resemble marshmallows after they have melted into hot chocolate. Devout 3 Musketeers traditionalists will realize the minimal sacrifice of taste when it comes to this season’s hot cocoa with marshmallow flavor. Price: $3.49

Candy Cane Oreo Nabisco’s limited edition candy caneflavored Oreo cookies are back again this season. Nothing screams “happy holidays” more than a cookie filled with half-red and half-white peppermint flavored cream. To complete this festive cookie, the cream is embedded with small red sprinkles to give the cookie a similar candy cane crunch. While the cream isn’t as smooth as traditional Oreo cream, this factor seems minor in comparison to the flavor. Similar to Girl Scout Thin Mints, this cookie aims to please and keeps customers begging for it to become an annual staple. Price $3.99


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