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Campaigning begins for SG elections

Campaigning begins for SG elections
FGCUnite (left) and The Nest began campaigning on Tuesday, Feb. 23. (EN Photos / Kelli Krebs)

Campaigning for Student Government elections was officially inaugurated Feb. 23 at 12:01 a.m. As of Tuesday morning, the two registered parties — The Nest and FGCUnited — have already established a presence on social media, especially Facebook.

The vice president candidate for FGCUnited, Rachel Whittaker, updated the description of the party’s public group on Facebook as “Live better, study smarter, thrive together.”

On the other hand, The Nest posted a message on its public page that reported the party will focus on “student success, university advancement and community engagement.”
All candidates will be allowed to start campaigning today on campus at their designated areas.

Check back with Eagle News on this developing story.

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