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NBC anchor should be blacklisted from journalism

As a journalist, your greatest virtue is your credibility. Journalists are the liaisons between the public and any other organization, agency or individual. I am a journalist, one of the gatekeepers. There is trust placed in me when I write news pieces that I will write truthfully and justly.
For years, Brian Williams has been the face of NBC as an anchor and reporter. He is now under fire for embellishing stories and pulling facts from his rear end.
The Associated Press tweeted Tuesday evening that NBC has suspended Williams as managing editor and anchor for  six months without pay.
Journalism stands to report truthful and unbiased information to the public; the same public that has trusted us to do just that. Williams broke that trust and damaged the relationship between the public and all other media outlets.
With the World Wide Web, it becomes harder and harder to tell truth from fiction and Williams broke the sacred rule of journalism: Always be truthful. For any journalist, once you lose your credibility, you are blacklisted. You will never again have a career as a journalist. Williams should be no exception to this rule.
Journalism is endangered, but it is not dead. Brian Williams was a real journalist. He was the face of an entire network now suffering for his actions and choices. He should be treated as every other journalist should be, or even more harshly.

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Madison Hampton

Madison Hampton is a sophomore who has a different major every week. She is the sports and media editor. She was born at a young age in Naples, Florida and has since become a caffeine dependent life-form. When she isn't in the newsroom, she's probably taking a nap. Madison is a paper-cut survivor and an advocate of sweatpants in the work place. #GodBlessThisHotMess

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