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SG surveys students about campus concealed carry

February 17, 2016

This week, FGCU students have the opportunity to send Student Government their opinions of carrying concealed firearms on campus through an online survey. Breanna Rigg, the SG director of communications...

Honor the Second Amendment by supporting open carry and campus carry

February 13, 2016

Dear Senate Judiciary Chairman Miguel Diaz de la Portilla and Senate President Andy Gardiner, I’m a member of the NRA, Florida Carry, Georgia Carry and author of the blog Pursuit of Patriotism, as well...

A response to students who believe that guns should never be allowed on campus

October 24, 2015

We are at that point in time again where a school shooting has left the nation in disbelief. Over the past few weeks, the heightened fear of students nationwide wondering if a shooting could happen at...

Letter to the Editor: The moral case for campus carry

October 9, 2015

Dear editor, Licensed students, staff, and faculty should be allowed to carry guns on college and university campuses. Fears that allowing campus carry would increase violence are simply unfounded and promote...

The right to bear arms

October 7, 2015

Gun control: A controversial topic that has been around for years, is once again in the headlines after the tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon on Oct. 1. President Barack Obama and fellow...

It’s time for a change: Guns on campus may be the answer

February 11, 2015

When things happen across the country, you don’t always see them as  real things. They’re something far, far away from me, and I’ll never be affected by them, right? Then something happened at two...

Last defense: We should pass state bill to allow guns on campus

February 4, 2015

Florida Gulf Coast University students, faculty and staff may be seeing an expansion of their second amendment right. Florida state lawmakers are pushing to allow the concealed carry of firearms on university...

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