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Obama’s fiscal budget for 2017 includes expanding educational opportunities

February 12, 2016

The Obama Administration released the fiscal year budget for 2017 on Wednesday Feb. 10. Important investments toward affordable college, supporting teachers and the advancement of educational equity were...

President Obama announces executive action to invest in gun safety

January 7, 2016

President Barack Obama outlined a plan to regulate gun sales and potentially reduce gun violence, at a press conference Jan. 5. Obama addressed an audience composed of the media, families of gun...

Obama’s executive power should not decide gun laws

January 3, 2016

For what it’s worth, President Obama has done a fairly decent job seeking out the change he wants in this country during the last stretch of his final term; he’s been able to help rename indigenous...

Obama’s address gets Muslim relations right, but gun control wrong

December 11, 2015

Read the full transcript of Obama's oval office address to the nation On Sunday, President Obama made a very rare oval office address to the country about Washington’s intent to defeat ISIS and to encourage...

Obama administration deems standardized tests ‘unnecessary’

October 28, 2015

Students who constantly stress over the pressures of standardized testing may soon have less to worry about. President Barack Obama announced there will be new guidelines to ward standardized testing in...

Obama’s Free College plan devalues hard work

January 9, 2015

  Remember when you sat down to figure out if and how you were going to pay for that degree of yours? Well your kids may be looking at higher costs and even more competition when it comes to finding...

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