Marijuana is just too risky to be legal

When it comes to weed, I don’t have a very positive stance. Personally, I do stand on the side of legalization and turn a blind eye to those who use it, but it’s something that I personally do not want to have any part of because of the risks and the lack of reliable information surrounding it.
People claim it’s all natural, that it’s not addictive, that it has a plethora of healing properties — and a lot of these I do believe if it is used in a medicinal way — but I see danger in recreational.
I think what we forget to see is that this is still a very illegal drug. Is it unfairly illegal? Probably. I don’t believe that having a gram on your person should ruin your life, but I also believe that you really shouldn’t dabble in such risky things to begin with.
We don’t know the long-term effects of smoking weed on the lungs. Sure, it’s better than smoking cigarettes or vaping, but it doesn’t mean that marijuana isn’t just as harmful to our bodies. Though the drug itself may not be addictive, personalities are.
People with addictive personalities are at the most risk when it comes to the use of marijuana. Though the drug is known to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, among other disorders and THC does not pose the same dangers as nicotine, those with thi kind of personality can become easily addicted to the action. Smoking is a behavior, whether or not it contains an addictive substance.
I’m not saying that they can’t become just as easily addicted to other behaviors, such as gambling, pornography or overeating, but smoking can be just as detrimental to those who let it consume their lives, willingly or unwillingly.
Our lives are now more public than ever. Our bad habits are on display for the whole world to see on a daily basis, and I see smoking as one of those. For my life, and the life I want to forge, I see far too much danger in marijuana.
I see judgement and negative connotations on the person I am and as a professional, and that’s not a risk I’m willing to take.