Legalize it because the war on drugs is failing

What do alcohol, Advil, morphine, heroin, marijuana, sugar and birth control all have in common? They’re all drugs.
Now, before you dismiss this college kid and her cliché legalize marijuana opinion, think about some things for me.
Florida has put the legalization of medical cannabis back on the ballot and for good reason. The people want it. I’m not here to influence your vote, because we all know it’s going to pass. It’s just a matter of time. I’m here to explain to you why it’s passing is a positive thing and how it will benefit those affected.
The War on Drugs is failing; this is no secret. Those who think it is working need to re-evaluate everything. Drugs make the world go ‘round. A world without drugs is not plausible, and it’s time the government control drugs for the safety of its  citizens rather than try to ban them. The high price of illegal drugs, because of the high demand, drives thousands and millions of people to be involved in the drug trade.
The war is failing for a lot of reasons. First, most people don’t understand what drugs are. Drugs are any substance which has a physiological effect when introduced to the body.
Policymakers cannot pick and choose what is okay for people and what isn’t, based on what politicians want. It needs to be based off of what’s fair, free and natural.
People are very afraid of drugs and rightfully so given the effect they can have on their lives. However, we can’t keep picking and choosing the drugs allowed to the people of the United States.
We cannot allow people to smoke manufactured cigarettes, eat GMOs and drink alcohol and then tell them certain plants are illegal. You cannot pick and choose like that. The War on Drugs is a misleading term, picking and choosing which drugs it refers to.
The government should educate the public on drugs, not ban them and leave citizens to figure it out for themselves. Once upon a time, alcohol was illegal in the U.S., yet it defined the culture of that time. What? You mean people didn’t pay attention to the law? Crazy, I know.
Consider this, making marijuana legal will make consumption safer because users will be able to buy from more regulated sources. Legalizing marijuana will actually protect those using it.
Some argue marijuana is an addictive substance; thus, it should remain illegal. If that’s your argument, I’d like to see GMOs and cigarettes outlawed. You cannot make choices for your fellow Americans. If you did, this wouldn’t be America.
Making marijuana legal won’t lower the number of people addicted, but it would help those people get the medical attention they need for an addiction. People can be addicted to anything, and marijuana cannot be treated like the first addictive substance known to man.
What about marijuana is making you dumber?
It’s proven, and published, by the American Medical Association that “heavy cannabis use in adolescence causes persistent impairments in neurocognitive performance and IQ.”
Good thing marijuana users won’t be used by adolescents. All plans to legalize marijuana include an age restriction. Adolescents can’t drink or smoke cigarettes, and the same will go to marijuana.
We cannot continue to stereotype potheads. Consuming marijuana will not result in shaggy hair and tie-dye t-shirts. Getting high will not make you want to fight that guy at the bar or puke in a McDonald’s parking lot. Legal marijuana will protect users, medical or recreational, from buying something dangerous on the streets.
The War on Drugs needs to reconsider who and what it is fighting.
When marijuana becomes legal, whether for medical or recreational use, it won’t matter what you think of it anymore. All that will matter is that American citizens will be protected from dangerous street cannabis and will be able to maintain the ability to make choices for themselves about it. That’s what it really means to be an American.
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