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Trump vs. Fox: An unsuccessful publicity stunt

It’s hard to keep track of the endless feuds that come with debate season, especially the ever-changing brawls that seem to be littering the GOP side of the presidential race. It’s especially tiring considering every fight is being picked with the same orange-tinged heavyweight champ, even though that champ is full of lies and deceit and cheats his way through fights.
Of course, this is an analogy for Donald Trump and literally any GOP candidate that tries to stand in the way of him and his big wall — that, by the way, will be paid for by Mexico. First it was Dr. Ben Carson and his long sighs, then it was Ted Cruz who can’t seem to shut up about his opponent, even at a debate that Trump was absent for.
It’s clear that Trump’s intentions were to grab more votes for the caucus, but his plan ultimately backfired when he placed second in Iowa.
Now, Trump is picking a fight that is too big for even him. The frontrunner’s relationship has been iffy at best with Fox cable network since his run. You’d think the representative of the conservative party would be chummy with the equally reserved network, but seeing as Trump isn’t what says he is, he’s waged war on Fox. Yet, it’s not as ugly as it seems.
As it turns out, Trump’s struggle with Fox was spawned by Megyn Kelly, a moderator at a fall debate. Trump felt that her questions were too biased toward bringing him down. In that August debate, Kelly pushed Trump on his treatment of women, pointing out that he had been quoted in calling certain female entertainers “fat pigs” and “dogs.”
Trump fired back in a way that only he could, turning the blame on the moderator and completely masking the fact that he actually does speak very poorly about women.
“Honestly, Megyn, if you don’t like it, I’m sorry,” Trump said. “I’ve been very nice to you, although I could probably maybe not be, based on the way you have treated me.”
If this reminds you of a schoolyard tussle, you’re not alone. In fact, Trump has started a trend in the GOP for certain candidates to whine about tough questions brought up during — unsurprisingly — a debate. Second runner-up Ted Cruz was seen trying to use this tactic at the latest debate but failing when moderator Chris Wallace called the Texas senator out on it.
Robert Ailes, the founder of Fox, issued a statement before the most recent debate that satirized Trump and which ultimately threw Trump into a tantrum. The statement led to his separate event on the same night of the debate. But, it’s clear that Trump’s middle school crush on Megyn Kelly is what really led him to skip the debate.
The hiatus of the two entities didn’t last very long. Fox interviewed Trump on Sunday morning. In an announcement on Fox News, Trump revealed his plan to appoint justices that would overturn marriage equality. This was in the wake of a fumbling interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos where he could not produce a solid plan to appoint certain justices on the Supreme Court.
You can find a transcript of the interview online, but it’s safe to say that not only is Trump’s war with Fox a sham for publicity but that he will say just about anything to get a demographic vote, whether it be evangelicals or white supremacists.

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