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New ‘Babes for Trump’ Twitter account is a giant step back for feminism

This election is perhaps one of the most troubling to watch as a feminist. On one hand, you have GOP frontrunner Donald Trump who has a jaded past for insulting and degrading women, and on the other side, you have an actual women running for president who has no accolades for being an actual feminist. In fact, the only candidate who is seriously fighting for women’s rights is a 74-year-old Jewish man from Brooklyn.
So, after stumbling across a Twitter page called Babes For Trump, I was kind of appalled. At first glance, you’re greeted with an icon of an attractive girl in a wet Trump t-shirt, trying to look sexy with her Big Gulp cup. All the while, a solemn Trump is looking toward her via the banner image. And, it’s no surprise that they chose an image of him that looks like both a disappointed father and a sexually frustrated husband looking for a good time.
The page features posts with scantily clad girls either wearing Trump hats or Trump shirts and captioned with #BabesForTrump and links to Fox News segments.
I support girls being able to wear whatever they want, but when it’s less clothes and more Trump, it sends a deep message of supporting misogyny and a man who has been known to belittle women.
The bio of the page reads, “Making America Great one Babe at a Time,” and without context, that is a campaign I can agree with. Let’s make America great for the babes and for all women. These young, college-age women are either misinformed on Trump’s clear misconduct toward women or are just ignoring it to be funny — you know, the “I don’t get into politics. Trump as president? How hilarious!” type.
A co-founder of the Twitter page was interviewed by Vice, and his attempt to blame the media for painting a picture of women not supporting Trump is lackluster at best.
“Women want their voices heard,” the co-founder said.  “We believe that much of the media puts this assumption out there that women don’t like Trump, and that if they do, there is something wrong with them. That is just not true. What we are seeing is that America’s girl next door might be your biggest Trump fan.”
The debate that Vice brings up is whether Trump is sexy or not. Have you seen this man? Trump is a soggy, puffed Cheeto with the voice of an angry goose. Even if he were sexy, that doesn’t mean he’d be a great president. Kennedy was considered sexy too, but that didn’t make him a good president (see: Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis).
Let’s be clear: Babes for Trump is by no means empowering to women, and it’s going against the grain. In order to make America great again, we need to support a candidate who hasn’t wanted to “steal money out of (Rosie O’Donnell’s) fat-ass pockets,” or blamed a hard-hitting Fox journalist for “bleeding out of her wherever.” Babes For Trump is a sham and an embarrassment for women across the U.S.

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