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Not another Trump article: Meet other Republican candidate Gov. John Kasich

John Kasich. The name sounds familiar right? Where could you possibly know the name from? No, it’s not your old Biology teacher from high school; it’s actually the name of the third presidential candidate running with the Republican Party.
Though stories of Ohio Gov. Kasich may not be flooding the media, he is definitely a candidate to keep your eye on. He recently won his state of Ohio which proves his constituents’ confidence in his ability to lead fairly and accomplish what people want.
He is a rarity in politics because he comes with a transparent message and a track record of accomplishing what he sets out to do. There’s no bullshit or dodging debate questions with Gov. Kasich. In an interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, Todd asks Kasich why he is even in Utah campaigning, explaining he could hinder the “anti-Trump vote” inadvertently.
What was Kasich’s response?
“Why am I in Utah Chuck, because I’m running for president,” said Kasich. “I’m going to compete across the country and tell people who I am and let the chips fall where they may. And let me also tell you, no one – no one is going to that convention with enough delegates. I will have more delegates moving in there that will give me momentum. And then the delegates are going to decide who can win in the fall.”
Everyone loves a good comeback story, I mean we are FGCU — we are the Cinderella story from 2013. Kasich is exactly that, a Cinderella story. He is the epitome of the tortoise from the fable “The Tortoise and the Hare.” He isn’t a colorful con artist that acquires a following because of his boisterous messages in the media.  He hasn’t been on the lips of pundits and voters alike.
But nevertheless, there he is, nearing in on the finish line and he poses a threat of passing the other runners. He has built a campaign on realistic and positive messaging while still maintaining the strength needed to run a country during a dire time.
Regardless of the odds, Kasich isn’t dropping out. He continues to persevere and press forward with only one goal in mind; becoming the next president of the United States.
Isn’t that the kind of person you want to run our country? A president who won’t give up so easily and will continue to fight until they win, regardless of what the odds may be? A president who will fight for you and me, even when it isn’t convenient?
Gov. Kasich is a candidate that understands the importance of closing off our borders and implementing back taxes for illegal immigrants — with the end result of them acquiring legalization, not citizenship. This is far more realistic and humane than shipping everyone out of our country once and for all.
He understands the importance of being realistic with what he promises to accomplish. He knows what type of plan needs to be in place in order to get passed and make a positive impact on a community. He can bring a level head and a resume of experience to the White House and make a difference in this country that we want to see. There are no hidden campaign tactics disguised as empty promises to sway a voter’s choice.  He isn’t going to lie to you and promise free college or the deportation of all illegal immigrants in order to secure your vote.
A candidate who wasn’t afraid to speak up and say it was in poor taste to make Scalia a debate topic the day of his death is a candidate that I can stand behind.
Just watch Kasich on Meet the Press. Then you will see a candidate who has the opportunity to say what he stands for because he isn’t limited by lack of airtime during a debate. He is a man who isn’t afraid to stand up for his positive messaging and tell all nay-sayers that he is still in the running.
He is the guy who will go up to bat for this country in a way that will get things accomplished and not burn bridges between the US and other countries. Trump has been banned from the United Kingdom before he has even spent a day in office. Trump is not the guy who is going to be able to negotiate foreign trade deals and work with allies to ensure the safety of our country. Do you know who could repair our bridges and improve our national security from a level -headed perspective geared at the betterment of our country and all those who live in it?
John Kasich, the guy I just introduced you to.

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