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22 things every Eagle should know about FGCU

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FGCU is unique in a variety of ways, but there’s more to FGCU than students may realize.
Coming to college can be scary and overwhelming. You might be a little worried about the classes you picked or meeting your new roommate. Don’t worry, here are some fun facts about FGCU that may help you with your next four years here. Whether you’re a first-time college student attending orientation or you’re going into your senior year, these facts are great for any Eagle to know.

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  1. Boardwalks

The boardwalks create shortcuts from parking or housing to campus. The boardwalks are not only handy time-wise, but they are designed to help you develop a relationship with the environment around you and raise environmental awareness.

  1. Charging stations

Is the battery on your phone running low? Good news, we have plug-in stations all over campus.

TLC/ via
TLC/ via

  1. Crane lab

When you look at Holmes Hall, you may not realize that there is actually a two-story crane lab inside for engineering majors.

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  1. Simulated hospital

When looking up at Marieb Hall, you might not think that there is a simulated hospital, including an operating room, delivery room and intensive care unit with wireless adult and adolescent mannequins.

  1. Students can invest

Did you know that business majors have the opportunity to invest real money? A portion of the FGCU endowment fund is actually used by business students. There is over $300,000 invested in stocks and bonds.

NBC/ via
NBC/ via

  1. Bike tool kits

In need of a bike repair? Don’t worry, there are bike tool kits located all over campus, including one in South Village. Students can use these kits to repair anything their bike may need.

  1. Blue poles

Can’t remember the number for UPD and are in need of assistance? Luckily, there are blue poles all over campus and housing. If you press the button on the blue pole, an officer will respond to your location within minutes. If you stayed at the library all night studying and feel uncomfortable walking to your car alone, you can use the Eagle Guardian App, which is compatible with both iPhones and Androids.

  1. Fishbowl

Need a quiet place to study, but the library is packed? Check out the fishbowl on the second floor of the Cohen Center outside the Dean of Students Office.

  1. Showers on campus

FGCU encourages you to walk or ride your bike to campus by providing showers. There are some in the gym at Alico Arena, and there is even one located in the bathroom in Seidler Hall.

Sony Pictures/ via
Sony Pictures/ via

  1. Nasa-developed anti-gravity treadmill

On top of the simulated hospital in Marieb Hall, there is actually a NASA-developed anti-gravity treadmill in the Human Performance Laboratory. There is also a pool for aquatic rehabilitation as well as a full scale one-bedroom apartment to help students practice rehabilitating patients into daily activities.

  1. Free Microsoft

As a student, did you know that you can get a free version of Microsoft Office? Well, you can! Go to the Microsoft website and find the “students” tab. You will need to have your student email handy. If you have any further questions, be sure to contact Business Technology Services at 239-590-1188.

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  1. Calculators available for checking out

Need a calculator? You’re in luck. The library at FGCU lets you check out scientific, graphing and financial calculators. You can also check out course reserves, headphones and dry erase board erasers and markers. If you have any questions regarding library services, you can actually text a librarian! For more information, be sure to check out their website:

  1. Center for Academic Achievement

The Center for Academic Achievement is a great resource for any student in any class. The CAA offers workshops on effective studying skills, time management and test-taking strategies. The CAA also offers Instructional Support and Supplemental Instruction for specific courses.

  1. SLS 1101 — The University Transition

You have the opportunity to take a class to help you with the transition to FGCU. Students who take this course will learn time management skills, resources on campus and effective study skills. This course is great for students who are nervous about making the transition from high school to college.

  1. Faculty = friends

FGCU has great resources, including its faculty. The benefit of having an average class size of 33 is being able to know your professor on an individual level. From professors to advisors, they are all here to help you succeed — take advantage of that.

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  1. Colloquium

When we hear the word “colloquium,” we often think of the phrase “graduation requirement.” However, this course is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that only students at FGCU have the chance to participate in. FGCU cares so much about the environment that it integrated environmental awareness into the curriculum.

  1. Ice air conditioning

It’s 96 degrees outside, and you’re sweating in places you didn’t know you could sweat. That fresh air you feel the moment you walk into the campus buildings, that air is actually ice. At night, the Physical Plant on campus generates ice and sends this slosh-like liquid through the vents during the day, with fans blowing across the cold water to distribute the cold air into the buildings.

  1. Telescope on campus

Ever wonder what that building behind Whitaker Hall is? It’s an observatory, and get this, you can take classes in there! You have the opportunity to see the stars with a telescope that has the same optical design as the Hubble Space Telescope.

Walt Disney Pictures/ via
Walt Disney Pictures/ via

  1. The FGCU Food Forest

Did you know that we have a student-run food forest on campus? Well, we do, and the best part is any student can use it. That’s right. You can gain service-learning hours by taking care of the food forest, or you can pick up some fresh food grown right on campus.

  1. Zipcar

You need to head to Target but just missed the bus to the Gulf Coast Town Center. No need to worry, you can rent a car! With Zipcar, students have the opportunity to rent cars hourly, daily or even weekly. For more information, check out the FGCU Zipcar website:

  1. Campus Rec waterfront

Many students who are considering coming to FGCU are convinced as soon as they lay eyes on the waterfront in North Lake Village. Little do they know that there is more to offer than the beautiful sites. Students can actually rent paddleboards, canoes and sailboats for the waterfront. Campus Rec also lets students rent out tents, cooking supplies and even bikes as a part of their bike-sharing program.

  1. Eagle News

Eagle News is a student-led paper for FGCU. Eagle News is a great way to find out about events on campus, the score of last night’s basketball game or catch up on what students are talking about. Interested in having a voice on campus while also gaining service-learning hours? Contact Eagle News, on the second floor of McTarnaghan Hall in the student plaza.

Warner Bros./ via
Warner Bros./ via

Remember: college is what you make of it. There are good times and bad times, but even your worst day only lasts twenty-four hours. I hope this article helps you transition into college, so be sure to take advantage of these resources on campus. With these fun facts in mind, have a great year. Go Eagles!

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