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#WingsUp FGCU Class of 2020

Photo courtesy of Linwood Ferguson

Life can be pretty crazy sometimes. It seems like yesterday I was having my birthday party at the local Chuck E. Cheese with all my preschool friends. The next thing I knew I was researching what fraternity I would be interested in. Life tends to move quickly, and what once seemed like an eternity away is now just around the corner.
College. Oh, yes, the best four years of our lives are among us. When early August arrives, every dorm room will be personalized with as many IKEA and Bed Bath and Beyond items imaginable. People from around the country will converge in one giant melting pot here at FGCU, and the great times will begin.
I live in the Village of Clemmons, North Carolina. It isn’t a village you would see on Clash of Clans or anything like that, but it’s a village nonetheless. There are 19,000 people who live in my community. So, if something happens, everyone knows about it, and you are the talk of the town. Growing up in this small town has helped me grow into a mature young man, and while I believe I am ready to take on college, there are things about it that I’m sure others are thinking as well.
The first is money. For the first time in our lives, we will have to support ourselves. That means getting a job and learning how to budget money and choosing whether you want dinner for a week or a brand new pair of shoes. Many people overlook this, but it is something to think about. What I have learned through talking with friends who attend college is that having a job while in college is great because most places around campus understand that you’re a student and that you need to study. Plus, the extra cash will come in handy.
College — being the best time of our lives and all — means that there will be lots of distractions. Whether it’s the pool, beach, dinner party or whatever, it is important for us incoming freshmen to understand that there has to be a balance between fun and studying. This is easier said than done because I guarantee going to the beach sounds much more fun than studying for a biology or English exam.
College is a time to explore new things, meet new people and, most importantly, find yourself and be who you want to be. There are a ton of clubs at FGCU that suit all different kinds of people. Be involved, but make sure your grades stay up.
Meeting new people can be easy or challenging in college. I am excited about starting at FGCU just because it’s an entirely new place for me. I have only been to Fort Myers three times, all of which were for college visits. That’s it. It is a new area to explore and there are over 14,000 students whom I would love to meet and get to know.
Your roommates are, most of the time, your first new friends in college. I have gotten close with mine just by talking to them so far this summer. Joining clubs and organizations that meet your personality is another great way to make friends. The Class of 2020 seems to have a lot of great individuals in it. I am excited to meet new people.
The last thing is: the fear that this is the end. College is a time when we grow up, and once we are done, we become working adults who go out and start our lives. This can seem a little scary due to the fact that within 10 years of graduating, most people we know will be married and potentially having kids. We are growing up, but that doesn’t mean we have to leave our childhood behind.
This upcoming year is set to be full of excitement, and I am very excited to call myself an Eagle. The good times are right around the corner, and I am ready to spend the best four years of my life with the Class of 2020 at FGCU. #WingsUp

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