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Pokemon: the fad that has everyone in a frenzy

It’s finally here — what childhood you has been waiting for. Overnight, Pokemon Go swept across social media and gave everyone a new obsession. The memes, the Facebook pages, the Twitter accounts all came in almost simultaneously with the game’s release. From young to old, everyone was “lured” out to hunt Pokemon, so much so that the servers were often overwhelmed. Nintendo and Niantic have absolutely created the hit of summer 2016.
We run into members from Team Mystic, Instinct and Valor at the park, beach or even cemetery (for the Ghastlies). There’s a short spiff about who’s best (Valor obviously). But, the best part of playing the game is every conversation is pleasant and doesn’t hold a competitive attitude. Everyone is willing to share where they found said Pokemon.
Small businesses are getting into the hype too. They’re riddled with signs that read, “Show us you’re playing Pokemon Go and get a free (insert item).”
Not to mention, the game has done the impossible: got millennials to go outside. Granted we are still on our phones, it’s proven to be a great method for getting exercise, fresh air and Instagram-worthy sunsets.
What is it about Pokemon Go that makes it so popular? Perhaps because its simplistic and easy-to- understand mechanics make it approachable for ages across the board, or maybe it’s because hardcore fans as well as people being newly introduced to the world of Pokemon feel equally welcomed. Most likely though, it’s the nostalgia that intrigues anyone who knows the name Pikachu to head toward tall grass.

Nintendo is witnessing the app’s popularity in a different way from its users though. The company made $14 million after just a week from launch. Overall, the company’s market value has increased by $9 billion. It’s unfathomable how wide the app has already spanned, but will it last forever? Though it has brought people together, old friends and new, with a common ground, will a generation known to burn through what’s new eventually lose interest? It’s probable.
However, it does stand a chance. What keeps people hunting is that need to “be the very best, like no one ever was.” As long as there’s competition in the Pokemon trainer world, there will be Pokemon trainers. Among friends, everyone wants that 1000 CP Snorlax or insanely rare Eevee evolution. We are a generation who loves to boast, and this app has presented all the opportunity to lead the most gyms or train the strongest Pokemon. It’s an opportunity most can’t pass up. With talk of a possible leaderboard, bragging rights would only increase, keeping all players aiming for some type of goal at all times.
Besides, no one would ever want to leave the Pokemon Go community. Everyone wants to
be a part of what’s new. Ignoring Pokemon Go would mean being in the minority population that doesn’t play, sitting at home when your friends are out hunting and, worst of all, not relating to the funny Twitter memes. So, if you haven’t joined yet, what are you waiting for? Get outside, get training, get Pokemon.

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