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Weed could be the best thing for America

It’s time for Americans to put down the glass and pick up a joint, because sitting on a couch relaxing and eating a bag of Doritos sounds much more enjoyable than puking into a toilet.

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Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug in the United States, according to, an organization that promotes the legalization of the drug.
The drug is used by nearly 100 million Americans each year, and there is no question that its popularity is increasing.
There seems to be a craze across the country, and almost everywhere you go the local law enforcement will tell you that they find many people either smoking or eating marijuana concentrates. This sounds like it would be a problem, but I’m not so sure.
There are countless articles about the negative effects of smoking marijuana. They refer to how smoking kills brain cells, which leads to reduced critical thinking skills and memory.
Although the effects of this can be detrimental, I think that marijuana is something that could be positive for people to use.
Let me be clear, younger people whose brains are still developing should not be smoking marijuana. But people whose brains are finished developing should be allowed to smoke.
It’s time to make smoking marijuana legal everywhere in the United States.
Alcohol consumption has had negative effects on our society. Domestic violence, crime, and death are three results of Americans’ abuse of alcohol.
This difference between the societal acceptance of smoking versus drinking proves that our society has its priorities backwards.
We banned marijuana because it was thought to be an addictive drug and was believed to be dangerous.
As years have gone by and more research has been done, scientists have made it clear that it is not as addicting as they said it was. Alcohol is addicting, and if you don’t believe me ask the 17.6 million adults who are alcoholics. It is the most popular addictive drug in our country, according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.
People are noticing this, and there is a movement now to get marijuana legalized in the United States. States like Colorado and Washington have made it legal to use marijuana both medically and recreationally and now both states are experiencing their lowest unemployment rates since 2008, according to
Colorado has one of the fastest growing economies in the nation, and it’s all because of marijuana.
Imagine if marijuana was legal in all 50 states. Our economy would boom as a result of the emergence of a whole new industry. Our cash crop would be marijuana, not corn. The benefits of legalizing this one plant are so great, there’s no reason the bill to legalize it should be a no-brainer to pass.
The drug also has a positive effect on the heath industry. Medical marijuana is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and may even be a cure for some cancers. This plant is a miracle, and rather than using it to its full potential, we are keeping it away from use.
With marijuana’s popularity rising, people became concerned about the effects of driving while high. To address these concerns, a new device, similar to a breathalyzer, has been created to determine how much marijuana a person smoked.
This new marijuana Breathalyzer can tell exactly how much marijuana a person has consumed. This will hopefully prevent people from driving high.
No one should ever drive under the influence of any drug, whether that drug is marijuana or alcohol. Uber and Lyft provide transportation for people who are under the influence, and people should not be driving if they are high or drunk.
We need to make marijuana legal. The benefits outweigh the risks, and, personally, I feel like it would better our country both financially and socially.
Since 2006, 88,000 people have died from alcohol-related incidents, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Smoking just makes sense, and to provide a safer future for a country, we must have a joint effort between the citizens and our government to make legalization happen.

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