ECHO fights to end world hunger


Photo courtesy of ECHO

ECHO is an information center and agricultural agency that works toward increasing development around the world.
They collect solutions to world hunger found globally and circulate them into their active network.
Through this method, they are able to find solutions that can achieve viable farming approaches, nutritional plants and proper technologies.
These solutions are repeatedly tested and are proven to be effective each time.
Their mission is to aid people who are assisting farmers around the world by educating them to be more effective in generating enough food to feed their families and their communities.
Those famers then teach other, and this creates a chain reaction called the ECHO effect
ECHO has been aiding development workers for over 30 years now and, therefore, has turned into the go-to organization for people and organizations with these needs.
ECHO, a world-wide organization, has several Regional Impact Centers which are are strategically situated around the world to provide agricultural resources within proximity of the small-scale farmers that require them.
These Regional Impact Centers are located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Arusha, Tanzania, and Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, with a longstanding research project about soil science located near Modimolle, South Africa.
The ECHO International Headquarters is based at their campus in North Fort Myers, Florida. This campus consists of the Global Farm and Research Center, Reference Library, Seed Bank, Tropical Fruit Nursery, Global Bookstore and Staff Offices.

Photo courtesy of ECHO

Aside from networking opportunities, ECHO provides several regional services. These services include hosting a biennial regional agricultural conference for development workers, facilitating similar national agricultural meetings and consulting with regional development agencies.
ECHO offers many chances for student networking. This can come in the form of internships, an ambassador program and volunteering. Their intern program has prepared agricultural change agents with the abilities and constructive experience required to properly help small-scale farmers in developing countries.
The ECHO Ambassadors Program consists of dedicated volunteers who understand that the only thing that can solve world hunger is team work. Through this ambassador program, one can work to better the lives of people in poverty by giving others in a community the opportunity to contribute life-saving assets to small farmers everywhere. One can connect with their community through a mission that is honestly advocating for the hungry all around.
Volunteers are a very important part of ECHO and have very important roles in this organization. They assist staff with tasks that call for a variety of skill levels.
Through the help of many people, ECHO has been able to become very successful, aiding those in need, and even providing modeling for places such as the FGCU Food Forest.
For more information on how you can get involved you can visit their website at: