Preach perfect


EN Photo / Brad Young

We’ve all passed him on our way to class. Many of us stop to protest or make fun him. He is known simply as “the preacher.”

He stands there, rain or shine – shine being sweltering heat – to force his out-of-context bible verses on the student body.

This man has only addressed me personally once, when he saw my Star of David and promptly told me I was going to hell.

I have, however, stood with the masses of people giggling and protesting him.

It’s interesting to see how outraged people become at this guy. He started with a bullhorn and now he carries a camera on a tripod. I have been told that he wants someone to hit him so he can sue, and as far as I am aware, nobody has actually hit him.

He basks in the attention he gets from protesters like a alligator basks in the sun. We give him the attention he so desires because he pisses us off so much.

This man stands where he knows he cannot be avoided, right in the middle of the walkway outside the marketplace.

He carries a sign, condemning anything but his own beliefs. He provokes anger and resentment in the student body; he disrupts our campus environment.

The only reason he is still permitted to preach on our premises is his claim to the First Amendment, but what about our rights?

We, as students, have the right to a calm learning environment. We have the right to walk to our classes without being harassed.

I hate him just as much as the next person – as a student, Jew, and sensible person.

To my Christian brothers and sisters, I’m sorry. This hateful man is not a representation of your religion.

To  FGCU’s LGBTQIA+ community, you are so strong, and you take so much from this guy. Thank you for being who you are. I’m sorry you are constantly harassed by this dude. Thank you for being and staying strong.

This may sound weird, but thank you Preacher Dude for bringing this community together.

We all have a common enemy. I have had the pleasure of seeing Jews, Catholics, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Agnostics, you name it, come together to support each other.

We all hate this guy. He’s annoying; He’s hateful and he’s just plain wrong. But, as strange as it seems, he’s bringing us together.

So, thank you preacher dude, but I still hate you.