Winter Games returns for its third year at FGCU


Photo courtesy of Lindsey Morimanno

The FGCU Ambassadors for Disability Services will host its third annual Winter Games celebration on Oct. 28 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., at the FGCU South Village field.

“It’s really just a big field day,” Office of service learning disability service ambassador Lauren Morimanno said. “It allows people have a positive experience working with people with disabilities.”

Winter games
Photo courtesy of Lindsey Morimanno

In its third year, Winter Games’ purpose is to promote positive awareness for people with disabilities.

With participants coming from South Fort Myers High School, Riverdale High School, Lehigh Senior High School, Foundation for the Developmentally Disabled and various elementary schools from Collier county, participants will be paired with a volunteer at FGCU to take part in various stations.

“We are going to have photo booth just like we did last year,” Morimanno said. “We are going to have face painting, a dance station, which is a popular station run by the E’Gals, a kickball station, cornhole and football.”

If you would like to volunteer at Winter Games, contact FGCU Disability services at [email protected].