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Why white people have no business using the n-word

“So? It’s not like anyone is around,” says a terrifying looking Wayan brother in the classic film “White Chicks.”

50 Cent comes on the radio, and these black men looking like Anglo-Saxon aliens start singing along to every word, completely out of place amongst their Park Avenue counterparts.

The girls are mortified at first, but once “Tiffany” and “Brittany” reassure them that no one can hear, the whole car joins in. It’s ultimately one of the best scenes in the movie. It’s lighthearted and, fun, and at the end of the day, everyone knows it’s just a song.

We know that, everyone knows that, and whether these lines should be glorified in music culture or not is an entirely different story. But, it needs to be addressed when derogatory references cross over into societal functionality and are no longer counterculture.

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That being said, way too many white boys are saying the n-word and carrying on like it’s no big deal or it’s no longer taboo because Fetty Wap allows them to rap it at full bass in the confinement of their hand-me-down cars.

This week alone, I’ve heard not only one, not only two, not only three (okay, you get it) but four societally confused white boys just slipping it into casual conversation without consent or offering vernacular condoms to all parties involved.

The thing that is shocking to me the most is white males in their late teens and early 20’s  are the target group that condones and advocates for the use of such language. I have yet to come across a white female who willingly repeats slurs in public or among friends unless it’s in a Beyonce song.

Maybe men just don’t understand that these lyrics are make-believe and aren’t the basis for how an individual should speak in real life.

It’s just like how we don’t repeat what we see in violent movies or video games unless we’re psychopaths. That example may be extreme, but it holds the same idea.

Maybe these people think it’s a safe space where they feel free to say whatever they want. Maybe they should be allowed to say whatever they want because freedom of speech is one our favorite amendments as Americans.

But, again, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Like, I can eat an entire key lime pie from Publix by myself and can take off my bra in the post office, but that doesn’t mean I should.

I believe, any slur, including the n-word and the f-word, should be banished from the English language entirely.

I mean, its function in music is arbitrary when you think about it. Does it really provide any benefit other than displaying free-range artistic freedom for musicians with money that can do whatever they want?

Words have weight and meaning, and any word that carries on a legacy of oppression and shame should be eradicated, especially in popular culture since that’s where millennials live.

So, everyone, white boys included, understand that your words affect those around you. I promise saying the n-word doesn’t make you look cooler. It just makes you look like a idiot.

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