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LGBT rights are safe in a Trump Presidency

After the results of last Tuesday’s election, it is safe to say people have completely lost their minds.

After prematurely aging from the stress of Facebook posts and trending hashtags all over Twitter and social media, I have discovered some good news … maybe.

There are many individuals that have been stating their doomsday-like terror since Donald Trump’s win with 290 electoral votes earlier this week.

Well, “stating” is an understatement. More like tweeting, marching, crying, convulsing, terrorizing cities and swatting planes from the sky in an Alfred Hitchcock-like fashion.

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For those people, I do offer a silver lining.

Concern from the LGBT community and whether their progress for establishing basic human rights will be compromised or not has surfaced and asks the pressing question of what Trump plans to do or not do.

Following the one instance in January in which Trump told Fox News’ Chris Wallace that he would “strongly consider” appointing supreme court justices to overturn the same-sex marriage decision, there are those that feel threatened by the unpredictable president-to-be.

However, staying true to form and breaking away from the traditional Republican narrative, Trump held a rainbow flag with the message “LGBTs for Trump” at his rally in Colorado last Sunday.

The flag had been plucked from an audience member in the crowd and Trump paraded around with it on stage.

The Washington News described the display as a “historic moment for gay equality,” seeing as “no other Republican presidential nominee in history has embraced the LGBT community in such a loud and proud way.”

Whether or not you voted for him, or even respect the kind of change Trump hopes to bring about, this public gesture is a foot in the door for bridging the gap between division in this country that goes beyond political party, as he promises to be a president to all Americans.

In his appearance on “60 Minutes” on Nov. 13, Trump  said he is “fine” with the same-sex marriage decision, calling it “settled.”

I hope this brings some peace to those who are having difficulty finding it this past week.

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  • S

    saddingoNov 19, 2016 at 3:19 pm

    Ok, apparently you haven’t seen the OTHER video’s of Trump promising the Evangelicals who want gays dead to “trust him about the gays.” Or how about the video where he’s talking to people about the military? When asked about LGBTQ in the military Trump exclaims in disgust, “THAT will change! A LITTLE COMMON SENSE HERE.” He said directly that LGBT serving in the military is over so now LGBT can look forward to what it was like even BEFORE Don’t ask Don’t tell (i.e. a complete BAN on LGBT in the military). Trump has attended AND SUPPORTED numerous “Gay hate” rallies held by religious fanatics who WANT GAY PEOPLE EXECUTED BY THE STATE.. Each and every rally Trump assures them, “Trust me on the gays.. You’re gonna love a Trump presidency.”
    If you haven’t noticed ALL of Trump’s first choices for SCOTUS judges are judges who are anti-gay marriage (and several who think we should be in prison). Go look up William H. Pryor Jr. for starters. All of Trumps SCOTUS picks have a long and nasty history with the LGBT community. IF Trump is so “fine” with LGBT marriage and gays WHY would he have William Pryor as one of his top picks for SCOTUS? Pryor has said that LGBTQ people should be in prison for being gay!
    I find it hard to believe you haven’t seen the same stuff I have so ..WHY are you telling gay people all is well in the world?? IT IS NOT! Trump is coming for the Muslims, the Mexicans AND LGBTQ people. Gays have been and STILL ARE on his “kill list.” You want to pretend this isn’t happening, fine but it is HAPPENING and giving people bad intel is a good way to make sure they get hurt by this maniac.
    Frankly, if you’re gay and you’re not trying to find a way out of this country, don’t be whining when they come for you AND… don’t tell me it can’t happen either.
    Trump’s people just announced that there WILL be that “Muslim registry” that everyone said COULDN’T HAPPEN. Remember back when Trump BAILED on that idea a few months ago? He said it was just an idea he’d thrown out to the crowd but he had changed his mind… Turns out he lied. He never bailed on that idea at all! According to his advisers and representatives IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN… along with the Muslim INTERMENT camps. You know that ones, right? The Interment camps for Muslims that people said COULDN’T HAPPEN either!
    People better wake up .. Evil is here and yawl best look at the reality of it and make decisions based on what this man has said he wants to do and is willing to do (like appoint SCOTUS judges that would reverse gay marriage).
    At the end of the day when it comes to Donald Trump? I think gay marriage is the LEAST of our concern. As I said, most of his SCOTUS picks are saying they support putting LGBTQ people in jail (so that 2003 SCOTUS decision that made sodomy laws illegal? THAT will be going buh bye now too) Since 14 states still have sodomy laws on their books, they won’t even have to rewrite them. They’ll just suddenly be “active.” BTW, When Trump won the primary? Louisiana, a state who kept it’s sodomy laws on the books, started ARRESTING GAY people again.
    PLEASE don’t be telling people that Trump is a good thing for LGBTQ because it’s just not true. He is dangerous .. to us all now. 🙁
    A few wake up links to illustrate some of what I’ve said: